INDIA won’t succumb to fear, will win 2024, CM Stalin tells party cadre

The alliance was formed with the noble objective of uniting a diverse India.
TN CM MK Stalin. (File Photo | A Raja Chidambaram, EPS)
TN CM MK Stalin. (File Photo | A Raja Chidambaram, EPS)

CHENNAI: In a letter addressed to the ruling DMK cadre, Chief Minister MK Stalin conveyed his unwavering optimism about the victory of the opposition alliance, named INDIA, in the upcoming 2024 parliamentary general election.

Taking a swipe at the partiality displayed by central investigation agencies such as ED, IT, and CBI, Stalin accused them of selectively targeting parties that stand in opposition to the religious, anti-democratic, and authoritarian nature of the BJP. He further alleged those who join the BJP are portrayed as saints, while opposition members face baseless allegations. The Chief Minister also criticised Prime Minister Modi’s remarks, which he deemed a “black comedy”, as the PM criticised opposition parties for corruption while ignoring corruption cases involving members of the NDA alliance.

Explaining the reason behind naming the alliance INDIA, Stalin emphasised the importance of preserving democracy across the country and ensuring inclusive development without discrimination in all states of India. The alliance was formed with the noble objective of uniting a diverse India.

Stalin also exposed the BJP’s apprehension regarding the unity of the opposition parties. He recounted how the BJP initially made light of the meeting of opposition parties, dismissing it as a photo opportunity. However, as the unity among opposition parties grew stronger, fear gripped the BJP, leading PM Modi to unnecessarily criticise both the opposition parties in general and the DMK in particular during his addresses in Madhya Pradesh and Andaman.

Highlighting the significance of the opposition alliance, Stalin stressed its role in safeguarding India’s unity and democratic values in the 2024 parliamentary elections. He condemned the BJP for rejecting the name of the opposition alliance, stating that the word “India” now seems unpalatable to them, despite the BJP’s previous claims of being the sole guardians of India’s patriotism.

The Chief Minister reminisced about the BJP’s past rhetoric, which urged dissenters to “Go to Pakistan” if they didn’t like India. He noted the irony that those who once spoke with religious fervour about India’s identity now find themselves unsure about which country they should seek a visa for. Expressing hope in the collective will of the people, the Chief Minister envisioned a time when the citizens of the country would metaphorically grant “visas” to the BJP and its allies, rejecting their divisive politics and efforts to harm the nation’s integrity.

Anticipating potential actions by central investigation agencies against the opposition parties, Stalin declared that the united INDIA alliance would not succumb to fear and vowed to focus on identifying the real adversaries of India. He urged the party cadre to unite and strive for a resounding victory, aiming to win all 40 seats both in the state and secure power in the centre.

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