TN Governor Ravi refuses to read customary address in assembly, walks out before session ends

The Governor said the address has numerous messages with which 'I convincingly disagree, on factual and moral grounds.'
Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi.
Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi.(File photo)

CHENNAI: For the second consecutive year, the customary address of the governor to the State Assembly ended up in controversy on Monday with Governor RN Ravi refusing to read his customary address prepared by the State government except for the introductory portions citing some reasons. Later, Assembly Speaker M Appavu read out the Tamil version of the customary address in the presence of the governor and completing that, the Speaker gave a sharp reply to the Governor's remarks. Besides, he said the personal remarks made by the Governor would not go on record.

Just after the Speaker completed his sharp remarks, the governor left the House without staying back for the National Anthem.

Later, talking to reporters, the Speaker said the customary address does not have any remarks contrary to the truth and has any remarks that accuse any government. He said the address was decently worded and added that the governor should have stayed back till the National Anthem was played. "This House is being conducted as per the Constitution and the rules. The governor expressing his own views in the customary address is inappropriate", the Speaker added.

Responding to a question as to whether the governor had acted in this way with any ulterior motive, the Speaker said that the customary address was okayed by the governor in advance and expressed his own views in the House. The governor is of the view that the National Anthem should be played at the beginning of the session. "As per the rules of the House, an invocation to the Thamizh Thaai would be rendered at the beginning of the session and the session will conclude with the National Anthem. Across Tamil Nadu, at government functions, this procedure has been followed," the Speaker added.

"Nowhere in the country have martyrs who have struggled for the Independence of India. Asked whether the governor did not say anything about the content of the customary address when he (the Speaker) met him to invite him to the first session, the Speaker said, "The governor did not say anything and agreed to attend the session. The governor did not say that the government has failed to remove certain portions which he objected to and hence is not reading further. Instead, the governor says the entire address is unacceptable to him. This is not appropriate," he added.

Questioned whether the customary address is being politicised, the Speaker said, "It is going that way."

By- T Muruganandham and S Kumaresan.

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