BJP taking up religion to hide failures: Tamil Nadu CM

MK Stalin was speaking at a public meeting to mark the language martyrs’ day.
Chief Minister and DMK president MK Stalin
Chief Minister and DMK president MK Stalin(Photo | Express)

CHENNAI: Chief Minister and DMK president MK Stalin on Thursday charged that the BJP was taking up religion as a tool to protect itself in the Lok Sabha elections and the DMK’s duty was to expose the BJP and to highlight the BJP government’s failures as well as their anti-Tamil attitude.

The DMK president was speaking at a public meeting to mark the language martyrs’ day here. The price of LPG rose from Rs 414 in 2014 to Rs 918 in 2024, petrol price rose from Rs 72 to Rs 102 and diesel price from Rs 55 to Rs 94. Besides, prices of all essential commodities have gone up.

Charing that the BJP government has been imposing Hindi, Stalin said, “This is to cheat the people of Hindi-speaking states since they are the ones who vote for the BJP mostly. However, after the hardships faced during the pandemic, the people of north India also lost hope in the BJP. Now, the BJP is trying to divert the attention of the north Indian states by opening Ram temple.”

Chief Minister and DMK president MK Stalin
Caste and religious differences were created to destroy Tamils' unity: TN CM Stalin

Recalling that the youth wing conference of the DMK adopted a resolution to expose the BJP as the true enemy of Hindus, Stalin said, “We all have to do this campaign. This is not a vow for the youth wing alone.”

The future of India lies with the victory of INDIA alliance. “The government by INDIA will reflect the true federalism and the people speaking all languages and religions will have equal rights,” he said.

Stalin also recalled the sacrifices of language martyrs during the anti-Hindi agitations in 1938 and in 1965 and paid his homage to them on the occasion of martyrs day.

After the DMK came to power, the then chief minister CN Annadurai adopted a resolution on the language policy in the Assembly. The BJP government, after coming to power, has been trying to impose Hindi by ignoring Tamil, but the DMK is opposing it.

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