Tangedco launches audit as electric poles worth Rs 6 lakh missing

The value of the poles is estimated to be around Rs 6 lakh.
Image used for representational purposes only
Image used for representational purposes only

MADURAI: After more than 190 electric poles went missing from sub-stores of Tangedco’s Samayanallur division, a general audit was launched by the chief engineer of Tangedco (Madurai) on Tuesday morning.

As per a stock verification report of Tangedco (Madurai), an inspection at a sub-store in Samayanallur division in the first week of June revealed that several stocks of minor items, including 8mm PSR electric poles, numbering around 196, were missing. The value of the poles is estimated to be around Rs 6 lakh.

Speaking to TNIE, Tangedco Samayanallur division’s local stores in charge said, "Being a custodian of sub-stores in Samayanallur division, I keep check of the components and other stocks. When top officials found that the poles were missing, they targeted a local in charge. Besides, stay sets used for erecting poles were also missing. However, when the local store in charge complained, no action was taken. In 2021, a large number of components, including Triple-A conductors (7/2.5 mm), bolts, nuts and metal shackles arrived at sub-stores in Samayanallur from the central stores in Pasumalai division. However, the ERP software showed the arrival of stocks at all sub-stores located in Usilampatti, Kappalur and Melur. How can one set of stock be transferred to all sub-stores? When the in charge of local stores questioned the act, the stock verification was carried out."

A top Tangedco official told TNIE, "These are official records, and we are surprised as to how it leaked. Every electric pole is accounted for. Recently, a top officer, who was transferred for indiscipline, was also involved when poles went missing. We will conduct an audit of all stocks from 2021, and appropriate action will be taken.” 

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