Movement of TNPSC exam materials will now be monitored in real-time

Vehicles carrying question and answer sheets have been fitted with GPS trackers and GPS locks
image of candidates appearing for TNPSC exam used for representational purposes only
image of candidates appearing for TNPSC exam used for representational purposes only(Photo | K.K.Sundar, EPS)

CHENNAI: To ensure the conduct of exams are foolproof and free of malpractice, the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) has introduced additional electronic surveillance mechanisms. This includes videographing of participants, remotely locking vehicles transporting confidential documents, personalised OMR sheets, GPS tracking of vehicles, among others, revealed the official document presented in the Assembly on Wednesday.

“To monitor the movement of chartered vehicles carrying question and answer sheets, GPS trackers and GPS locks have been introduced for locking and unlocking the vehicles. This means in case of any suspicious movement or halts during transportation of question or answer sheets, the GPS locking system can be activated remotely from the command room at TNPSC headquarters. The system will lock the vehicles preventing access to the confidential materials,” an official said.

The remote command for operating GPS locks is handled by the monitoring team at the commission’s office.

The vehicles carrying confidential materials from districts to TNPSC are monitored and recorded using CCTV cameras. The vehicles are escorted by a team comprising revenue staff, a sub-inspector, and commission’s staff, the document said.

Additionally, the TNPSC also introduced personalised OMR sheets with candidate names and registration numbers printed on them. “This new system, recently introduced for all competitive exams, prevents the possibility of answer sheet misuse. When the answer sheets are scanned for evaluation, the marks are automatically recorded against the candidate’s roll number,” added the official.

To verify a candidate’s participation in case of complaints, all examination centres and rooms are being videographed.

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