Reclassification of land affecting Madurai industries: Ex-minister

The Madurai Master Plan 2041 was released by the Local Planning Authority a month ago.
Former minister B Udhayakumar
Former minister B Udhayakumar(Photo | ANI)

MADURAI: Echoing support for the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which have suggested changes in the new draft of the Madurai Master Plan 2021-2041, former minister B Udhayakumar has sought for reclassification of industrial land that have been converted into agricultural land. Udhayakumar was addressing reporters on Friday, when he alleged that the new draft plan was detrimental to the development of MSMEs in the district.

The Madurai Master Plan 2041 was released by the Local Planning Authority a month ago. Udhayakumar said that the latest plan has garnered objection from the MSMEs, since classifying industrial land for agriculture and commercial purposes could impact the development of several industries. This, Udhayakumar said, defeated the role of the plan, which is aimed at the development of the district.

He said that many industrial lands have been converted for agricultural and commercial purposes, and requested the department concerned to establish the purpose of such land and reclassify them as industrial, or agricultural/commercial. "Due to the classification of industrial land as agricultural or commercial land, many industries are facing hardships in carrying out operations. Survey numbers of many lands in industrial areas like Kappalur, Nagari and Nallur have been removed in the draft. In total, 1,678 acres of area earlier classified as industrial land has been classified for agricultural and commercial use," added Udhayakumar.

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