Off the cuff: Escape artist

The social activist misunderstood that he was viewed as one of the culprits. Fearing the worst, he switched off his phone.

On Saturday, Palladam woke up to the unusual news of seven people, including a woman and her parents, getting arrested for the murder of her 30-year-old husband, who went missing last August. What was more bizarre was the absence of a local social activist, who is often present during such sensational events in the area. When media persons, villagers, panchayat presidents from two villages, police and fire service personnel came to the spot to pull out the dead body from the well on Saturday noon, everyone noticed his absence. When asked about this, a villager said that police had telephoned him this morning to witness the event, but the social activist misunderstood that he was viewed as one of the culprits. Fearing the worst, he switched off his phone.

Forbidden bath

After warning boards have failed to keep tourists away from bathing at the Promenade beach next to White Town, where a series of drowning incidents happened in the recent past, Puducherry police have employed a novel method. When a group of youths from Andhra Pradesh continued bathing in the sea, ignoring the warning, police seized their phones and made them assist police in clearing the public from the seashore. Their phones were returned after an hour.

To be or not to be

Tourists planning to visit Nilgiris were all at sea as the district administration was giving contradictory statements. A few days ago, addressing a press conference after a meeting with various department heads to tackle the southwest monsoon, District Collector M Aruna said that tourists should avoid visiting the Nilgiris on May 18, 19 and 20 considering the heavy rain forecast. However, a release from the Nilgiris district administration had no word about the collector’s warning, instead it said people can visit the district after taking enough precautions. Aren’t the departments supposed to join hands to keep the tourists safe?

Retirement plan

Dreaming of a peaceful retirement? If you are a staff at Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, the chances of your dream staying just as a dream forever are high. About six months ago, a bunch of teaching and non-teaching staff of the university, who are set to retire next month, submitted their applications for final clearance to the varsity administration to enable the disbursal of their retirement monetary benefits on time. However, for some unknown reasons, their papers were kept pending by the registrar’s office. One employees’ papers were cleared last month after he allegedly threatened to end his life while another staff has petitioned the CM’s special cell demanding final clearance for the retirement. A professor alleged that the administrators are seeking some ‘benefits’ from the staff in return for clearing their papers.

(Contributed by Bagalavan Perier B, Saravanan MP, S Senthil Kumar, Thinakaran Rajamani; compiled by Sneha Joseph)

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