New equations: Politicos eagerly await Kodandaram’s party launch in Telanagan

Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman Prof M Kondandaram will launch his political party any day after March 10.

HYDERABAD:  Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman Prof M Kondandaram will launch his political party any day after March 10. And the launch is being eagerly awaited by many as the yet-to-be-named party is expected to change the political landscape of the state. It is not just the political parties and analysts who are keenly waiting for the D-day, but leaders of some political parties are actually waiting how ‘big’ the grand launch of Kodandaram’s party would be.

According to sources, several leaders of various political parties are not just waiting for Kodandaram’s party to take shape but also how successful the launch would be so that they can take a call on whether to stay afloat in their parent party or join the latest party of the state. Sources said quite a good number of leaders from ruling TRS and other parties are in constant touch with Kodandaram and have even expressed their desire to join his yet-to-be-launched party.

Sources, however, said those interested to join the new party are waiting for the launch function as the success of the same — which implies the turnout of people — will give them an assessment of the impact that the party might make in the coming days. “As TJAC till now never relied on mobilising people by allurements, the successful launch (read voluntary participation of people) will give an assessment of the party’s future,’’ a senior leader presently in the ruling party said. TJAC leaders, meanwhile, are making all out efforts to make the proposed public meeting to announce the launch of the party a huge success. Nearly 200 teams are working at the village level to promote the party’s line and how it would be different from other parties, sources said. 

The TJAC’s village and mandal committees are taking care of this exercise, a leader said, adding that they are just awaiting for the formal announcement of the date to take their campaign further deep into the ground level.

Party Launch after March 13
Initially, Kodandaram planned to launch the party on March 10, the day the Million March was held during separate Telangana movement. But it is learnt that the Left parties and some Telangana organisations have chalked out programmes on the day commemorating the Million March and wanted Kodandaram to go for an alternate day. Kodandaram wanted the party’s launch within next two-three days of March 10 but that too is unlikely to happen as the MRPS had called for state bandh on March 13. As examinations will also be taking place during the month, he is likely to announce the party on a Sunday, sources said. Kodandaram is presently in the US to attend a function in the family and he would be returning in the next couple of days.

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