CM K Chandrasekhar Rao sets stone for hospitals, tone for plenary

CM says Hyd is a peaceful place, warns people against ‘insidious spread of cancer of communalism’ in the State
Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao lays the foundation stone for the 1,000-bed TIMS Super Specialty Hospital at Gaddiannaram on Tuesday
Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao lays the foundation stone for the 1,000-bed TIMS Super Specialty Hospital at Gaddiannaram on Tuesday

HYDERABAD: A day ahead of the TRS plenary at HICC here, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday set the tone for the party’s conclave, by coming down heavily on the BJP, albeit obliquely, for its politics of communalism with an intention to drive a wedge between people of different religions.

The Chief Minister, after laying the foundation stone for three super speciality hospitals in Hyderabad, warned the people to be wary of the cancer of communalism spreading insidiously in the society, aided and abetted by religious zealots.

He deplored the use of religion for political benefit unmindful of the harm it would do to the efforts for taking the nation on the road to prosperity. He referred to the highly toxic religious issues that are being raised in Karnataka and asked the people to ensure that Hyderabad would remain peaceful as ever.

“As a senior politician, I want to know communal harmony should be the watchword as India is a country of diverse religions, faiths and castes. If any communal violence takes place in Hyderabad and Section 144 were to be imposed, how could anyone visit the city?” he asked.

The chief minister, expressing concern over increasing conflicts between religions, said: “If you open any newspapers you would see how people of one religion are being pitted against the other. We must also think of other countries where nearly 13 crore Indians are working. If those countries decide to send them back, they will be without jobs.”

Setting the stage for Hyderabad to become a truly medical capital of India, the Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for three super speciality hospitals which will be under the control of the Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS), Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

The three hospitals will come up at Kothapet, Sanathnagar and Alwal. After laying the foundation stone for the Alwal hospital, the Chief Minister said that owing to the Hyderabad Urban Conglomerate swelling up to 1.64 crore population, it became necessary for setting up three more super speciality hospitals besides the existing TIMS at Gachibowli to cater to their needs.

The new hospitals will be having a whole range of services from inception, with 1000 beds each, all of them fitted with oxygen support. There would be 300 ICU beds as well among them.

The Chief Minister asked officials to ensure that Mother and Child hospitals are attached to the main hospitals so women can access dignified pregnancy services in different parts of the city. The proposal, according to officials, is that the TIMS’s campuses will be spread across 20-60 depending on the location and will have 200 faculty members and 500 resident doctors each. Each of them will be designed to have 26 Operation theatres, Cath Lab and Dialysis Services, Radiation and Chemotherapy Services, CT Scan, MRI Services etc.

The chief minister said: “We are setting up new hospitals in the city so that people do not have to go to the same old hospitals and face difficulties. As many as 16 specialities and 15 super specialities will be available at the four TIMS hospitals. These will be as good as AIIMS where services would be on par with corporate hospitals but the treatment cost would be borne by the government.”

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