Medicover launches e-health initiatives

Internal referrals and direct walk-in patients could also avail super speciality e-consultation.
For representational purposes only
For representational purposes only

HYDERABAD: Medicover Hospitals, a renowned healthcare provider, launched its latest e-health initiative, e-Consultation - Digihealth services on Thursday. Patients can now get access to the best health services from the comfort of their homes or from any place they want.

Dr Sharath Reddy, who attended as the chief guest, stated that: “I am thrilled to be a part of this pioneering e-health initiative by Medicover Hospitals. By leveraging the power of healthcare technology, patients can now avail e-healthcare services from the comfort of their homes or anywhere, making it convenient for all. This is a remarkable step towards providing prompt medical services to people, especially in remote areas, who previously faced challenges accessing specialized care”.

The new service line, e-Consultation-Digihealth Services, offers a wide range of e-medicine services, including e-ECG, e-Ambulance, e-Dermatology, e-Radiology, e-ICU and more. Each spoke centre is branded accordingly and bears visual aids for easy identification, recognition, and brand awareness.

The central hub hosts an expert team of super speciality consultants. The hub also schedules consultants for e-medicine calls, which could be emergency, current, or pre-booked. Spoke centres are located on the premises of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, medical rooms, and gated communities under the E-consultation network.

These manned spoke centres with trained medical/ paramedical staff have the ability to respond to the patient’s needs and guide them to the necessary super speciality consultation. Internal referrals and direct walk-in patients could also avail of super speciality e-consultation.

Medicover Hospitals plans to set up e-Consultation centres in gated communities and create a network of e-Consultation centres in viable areas to provide e-Medicine services.

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