22K cases of crime against women in 2023 in Telangana: NCRB

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Image used for representational purpose only. (Illustration | Aasawari Kulkarni, Feminism in India)
Image used for representational purpose only. (Illustration | Aasawari Kulkarni, Feminism in India)

HYDERABAD:  Telangana reported a 6% increase in crimes against women, according to the recently released National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

As per the report titled ‘Crime in India-2022,’ the state reported over 22,000 cases of crimes against women in 2022, as compared to 20,865 cases in 2021.

The rate of total crime against women per lakh population in Telangana stood at 117 while the chargesheeting in such cases was 87.6%, according to the NCRB, which is tasked with the collection and analysis of crime data.  

The majority of crimes against women under the IPC were of cruelty by husband or his relatives (9,996 cases) followed by 4,652 cases of assault on women with intent to outrage her modesty, the data revealed. In Hyderabad alone, 3,145 cases were reported in 2022. Here too, in the number of cases, a 3% increase was witnessed as compared to the 2021 statistics.

The statistics also reveal that there are 4,652 cases registered for assault on women with the intent to outrage their modesty, 2,730 POCSO and over 2,000 cases of kidnapping and abduction.

When it comes to crimes against children, Telangana has not reported an increase in the crime rate. The NCRB data shows there are 5,657 cases in 2022 as compared to 5,667 cases in 2021.

Most of these crimes are POCSO cases followed by kidnapping cases and missing cases who have been deemed as kidnapped.

Cybercrime cases up by 48% 
Apart from this, Telangana has once again topped the list of cybercrime cases in India. The state registered a staggering 15,297 cybercrime cases in 2022, a significant increase of 48% compared to the 10,303 cases reported in 2021. Despite this alarming surge, Telangana’s chargesheeting rate for cybercrime cases remains dismally low at 17.1%. Out of the 15,297 cases, only 1,308 have been chargesheeted. Fraudulent motives were the primary drivers behind cybercrime in Telangana. 

The state witnessed a staggering 9,581 cybercrime cases related to online banking fraud, OTP fraud, credit/debit card fraud, and other fraudulent activities.

These findings highlight the urgent need for stricter measures to combat cybercrime. The state government should take proactive steps to raise awareness about cyber threats and educate citizens on how to protect themselves from online scams. Additionally, law enforcement agencies must be equipped with the necessary resources and training to effectively investigate and prosecute cybercrime cases.

Besides fraud, the NCRB data also reports extortion, emotional motives and personal revenge as reasons for cybercrime in Telangana.

Increasing cases, low pendency 
Along with the newly reported cases, the police were investigating nearly 7,724 pending cases from the previous year. 

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