Did a mole leak info about KCR’s plans to CM Revanth?

BRS ‘secret’ plans come a cropper with CM’s comment on compensation
Did a mole leak info about KCR’s plans to CM Revanth?

HYDERABAD: The BRS leadership is on tenterhooks these days, worried about a mole working in the party and sabotaging its political initiatives by leaking information beforehand to Congress.

According to sources, the BRS was surprised when Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy asked pink party supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao to announce some money as compensation to farmers from the funds that the party had collected through electoral bonds. It was a surprise to the party as the BRS leadership was thinking along these lines and wanted to announce it during the Karimnagar farmers’ outreach programme that took place on Friday.

The BRS supremo was unhappy as Revanth took the wind out of BRS’ sails by making the suggestion to announce relief to the farmers. Revanth’s comment left the BRS in a quandary — if it announced some compensation on Friday, it would look as though it was acting on the chief minister’s suggestion and the credit would go to him and not to the pink party.

According to sources, following Revanth’s suggestion, the pink party chief began inquiring into how the information on the decisions that the party was taking found its way to the chief minister. The BRS is determined to plug the leak of information as it would be taking several sensitive decisions to gain an upper hand over the Congress in the campaign in the Lok Sabha elections. KCR is now trying to identify the mole in the party who has direct access to the chief minister.

About 10 days ago, KCR called former ministers T Harish Rao and KT Rama Rao for an urgent meeting to discuss the candidates for a few Lok Sabha seats as well as the political strategy for implementation for the Lok Sabha polls. The party then decided to announce some compensation to farmers who are affected by the drought conditions to show the state government in poor light. As there was no one else in the meeting, the party leadership is wondering how the information could reach Revanth immediately thereafter.

The BRS sources said the party leadership was trying to find out who the “betrayer” in the party was and suspected that he may have leaked the party’s election strategies ahead of the recent Assembly elections to the Congress. The BRS believes that the Congress mole in the party which has been keeping silent has become active once again and is now working against the party’s interest by leaking crucial information to the Congress leadership.

It is said that the BRS leaders who are leaking information to the Congress were those who were involved in phone tapping when the BRS was in power. Now to escape from the police hook, they are suspected to be helping the Congress by leaking information on what is going on inside the BRS.

It is also said that KCR’s core group has been very well known to Revanth since 2002. This has helped the chief minister reach out to some of those in the group and obtain information on KCR’s political moves.

The sources said that KCR now has more or less a clear idea about the “black sheep” in the party and is very serious about leaking inside information to the rival Congress. He is understood to have put him under the radar and is watching his activity very closely before striking.

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