BRS cadre too will back me, claims Kadiyam Kavya

The BJP candidate is a land grabber. He had lost the Assembly election in Wardhannapet despite spending huge sums of money, says Kavya
Kadiyam Kavya
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Dismissing the ‘non-local’ issue as false propaganda by her political rivals, Congress candidate Kadiyam Kavya expressed confidence in securing the Warangal seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In an exclusive chat with the TNIE’s U Mahesh, Kavya also described her father and Station Ghanpur MLA Srihari as a political icon and said that his popularity as well as the successful implementation of six guarantees by the grand old party will ensure that she receives the support of electorate in all the seven Assembly segments that fall under the Warangal parliamentary constituency.

Excerpts from the interview:

Since you are new to politics, what kind of response have you been receiving during your poll campaign?

I’m new to electoral politics but not politics. I belong to a political family. My father (Kadiyam Srihari) has been in politics for over 40 years and he has been serving the public in various capacities, including as the deputy chief minister of Telangana. The voters have been receiving me well. Their response has been very positive. The MLAs of all seven Assembly segments in the Warangal Lok Sabha constituency belong to the Congress. That’s a big plus for me. The other factor that will work in my favour is the loyal voter base that our party enjoys here. As I said I am getting positive response from the voters. I am very optimistic of winning the Warangal seat.

What is your objective in entering poll fray? How do you intend to convince the voters to support you in the elections?

My objective is pure and simple — to serve the people. Before entering politics (she resigned as a doctor at the Wardhannapet Community Health Centre), I was actively involved with the Kadiyam Foundation and we launched several initiatives for the benefit of the poor and needy. While working as a doctor, I also understood the problems being faced by the rural poor. I want to use politics as a means to work for the upliftment of the poor.

Is is true that you lack cadre base and you have also not been receiving much-needed support from them?

The BRS and BJP are spreading rumours. There is no truth in their claims. As for BRS, now only 20 per cent of cadre are working for that party. They will also join hands with my father and they will surely support me. The BJP never accepts facts and it only believes in spreading rumours. The BJP candidate is a land grabber. He had lost the Assembly election in Wardhannapet despite spending huge sums of money. The BRS is also fielding its candidate only for the sake of contesting.

Your opponents are trying to raise the “non-local” issue against you. What’s your response?

How can I be labelled a non-local? I was born and brought up in Warangal. Till November 2023, I was working as a medical officer at Wardhannapet PHC. I am 100 per cent local. BJP candidate Aroori Ramesh has been making baseless allegations against me and my father for political gains. Aroori Ramesh knows me from my 7th grade.

The Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) is questioning your caste with regard to its SC status

We belong to Baindla caste. It has been recognised as a SC sub-caste. I know Manda Krishna Madiga (MRPS chief) is raising this issue. He is a BJP supporter. But how can he support a party that is against the SCs, BCs and women? He is supporting the BJP for personal gains. If the BJP retains power, it ill try to cancel the SC reservations in the next five years. It is hoping to form government at the Centre by winning 400 seats. But we don’t think it will be able to secure more than 200 seats.

What have you learned from your father?

My father has overcome several hurdles to succeed in public life and to serve the people. He is a role model and an inspiration for me. Under his guidance and with my own ideas, I hope to work for development of this constituency and its people after winning the election.

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