Revanth Reddy reviews performance of Congress MLAs

The interim report says that 60% of legislators get a thumbs up from the public while ministers get a 70% satisfaction rating.
Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy
Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy Photo | Express

HYDERABAD: After six months in office and with local body elections looming on the horizon, Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has decided to obtain feedback from the public on the performance of Congress MLAs in their respective constituencies.

According to well-placed sources, the chief minister has decided to gauge the performance of his party MLAs and also find out if the focus of his administration on development projects across the state is yielding dividends in the form of a positive image among the people.

Before and after the Lok Sabha elections, the chief minister and his Cabinet colleagues had been actively engaged in administrative reviews and development follow-ups. However, the feedback sought by the chief minister will be to help evaluate the working styles and availability of ministers and MLAs to the public at large. A third-party agency is expected to submit a performance report card on the MLAs’ activities over the past six months.

Preliminary findings suggest that approximately 60% of MLAs are regularly available to their constituents as they have been touring their constituencies frequently. However, the remaining 40% of MLAs reportedly spend significant time on personal business in Hyderabad.

The preliminary report points to varied levels of performance by the MLAs across different districts. In the erstwhile Nalgonda, Khammam, and Mahbubnagar districts, most MLAs are present in their constituencies five days a week, actively addressing local issues. In contrast, many MLAs are available only two or three days a week in the former Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Warangal, and Adilabad districts, dedicating the rest of their time to personal matters in Hyderabad. This has reportedly led to dissatisfaction among the public.

Interestingly, some MLAs in these districts have been noted to focus more on personal development rather than on constituency needs, the preliminary report said. It said that the Intelligence unit has found the involvement of MLAs in personal business activities.

In contrast, MLAs from the erstwhile Rangareddy and Medak districts were found to be consistently present and interacting with constituents as well as working closely with officers to resolve issues.

The agency’s data collection across the state revealed that 60% of MLAs are active in their constituencies, while 40% have received only 40% satisfaction ratings from the public. The respondents to the survey reportedly said that they expect these MLAs to focus on development and fulfil electoral promises.

Regarding the ministers, the report shows a 70% satisfaction rating for their working style and accessibility, while 30% of the respondents did not voice their opinion.

However, while ministers are conducting daily reviews and addressing departmental issues, there are claims of insufficient support from the officials, the survey said.

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