Adilabad constituency tops list name-wise, at bottom development-wise

However, there has been an increase in instances of exploitation and fraud, and the youth express the need for a Gulf board.
Adilabad constituency tops list name-wise, at bottom development-wise

ADILABAD: The Adilabad Lok Sabha constituency, a ST reserved seat, resonates with the rich cultural tapestry of its Adivasi population.

From the vibrant Ghussadi and Dhandari traditions to the revered Nagoba temple, the constituency embodies a heritage deeply rooted in its tribal legacy. The legendary figure of Kumram Bheem, who valiantly fought against the Nizam rulers for the rights to water, land, and forest, continues to inspire generations.

As the election race heats up, all eyes are on the Adilabad Lok Sabha seat which will witness a triangular contest among the BRS, BJP, and Congress. The BJP hopes to retain the seat, while the Congress aims to win the constituency to bolster its presence in the state where it currently holds power. Meanwhile, the BRS is working hard to make inroads, although its campaign appears to lag behind.

While the ongoing elections appear to have caught the fancy of urban voters, as evident by the discussions in every public fora, rural voters seem less enthusiastic.

The candidates, meanwhile, bring varying levels of political experience to the table. BJP candidate Godam Nagesh is a seasoned politician, having served as a minister in undivided Andhra Pradesh and later as an MP from the BRS before joining the BJP fold.

BRS candidate Attram Sakku is a two-time MLA from Asifabad who has now ventured into the realm of national politics. In contrast, Congress nominee Attram Suguna is a fresh face who resigned as a teacher. She is, however, known for her social activism, particularly in advocating Adivasi rights.

The issues in the constituency continue to remain the revival of the defunct cement factory, the long-awaited Adilabad to Armoor railway line, establishment of an airport in the district headquarters and the need for a Tribal University. The farming community’s reliance on cotton underscores the necessity for large-scale industries and a textile park to boost employment opportunities.

Rajender, a youth from Adilabad town, rued the fact that the Adilabad figures on top of the list of Lok Sabha constituencies listed alphabetically, but is at the bottom of the development index since it has no major industry to provide employment to skilled and unskilled workers.

Most of the youth TNIE spoke to expressed concern about the lack of major industries in the region. They say that this has forced them to seek employment opportunities abroad, particularly in the Gulf countries. They also echo the demand for a university in the district that would ensure access to higher education.

P. Ramesh, a youth from Nirmal, said that most of the unskilled and illiterate workers go to Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai to toil as manual labourers there.

However, there has been an increase in instances of exploitation and fraud, and the youth express the need for a Gulf board.

Student leader B. Rahul said he hoped the new MP will raise the issue of establishing a university in the district. He said that a tribal university was promised in the AP Reorganisation Act, but it was later shifted to Mulugu district.

“The previous BRS government registered cases against the student union leaders who protested against the shifting for the proposed tribal university. These student leaders are still running from pillar to post to absolve themselves, he said.

The significance of Adivasi votes in the constituency cannot be overstated and this is the reason that all three candidates from the major parties hail from tribal communities. Analysts believe this to be a good thing as it would force voters to evaluate candidates on their merit rather than on tribal identity.

In 2024, former AICC president Rahul Gandhi campaigned in Nirmal town while Chief minister A Revanth Reddy addressed three public meetings.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah campaigned in Kagaznagar town and Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting before the General Elections were announced.

The origins

Adilabad Lok Sabha constituency was formed in 1952. In the 18 elections held so far, the Socialist Party won in 1952, the Congress won eight times, TDP six, BRS twice and the BJP won in 2019. The seven Assembly segments that form the Lok Sabha constituency are Adilabad, Boath, Nirmal, Mudhole, Khanapur, Asifabad and Sirpur. The Lok Sabha constituency has a total of 16,50,175 registered voters (8,45,213 female, 8,04,875, male and 87 transgenders). In 1970, former prime minister Indira Gandhi planned to contest from Adilabad. She even visited the constituency, but later shifted to Medak.

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