Accused: Tapped phones at behest of peddayana, alludu

Confessions claim plan was to arrest BL Santhosh in poaching case to arm-twist BJP into dropping charges against Kavitha
Former Task Force OSD Radha Kishan Rao
Former Task Force OSD Radha Kishan RaoFile photo

HYDERABAD: “Peddayana” (BRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao) and his nephew, former minister T Harish Rao, gave instructions to police officers on tapping phones, according to the confessional statements of former Task Force OSD N Radhakishan Rao and former additional SP N Bhujanga Rao.

The confessional statements were made available to the media on Monday. Phones of not only politicians, but also journalists and others were tapped during the BRS rule. Even WhatsApp calls were tracked by the BRS government. The Task Force also seized cash belonging to the Opposition while paving the way for the smooth transportation of money belonging to the BRS, the confessions said.

According to confessional statements, Task Force officials, with the help of MLA Pilot Rohith Reddy, trapped private persons and invited them to a farmhouse in Moinabad with regard to the alleged poaching of BRS MLAs by the BJP. An audio clip of the Moinabad incident was also shared with the KCR, who instructed the police to arrest BJP national leader BL Santhosh.

KCR’s plan, according to Radhakishan Rao, was that once Santhosh was arrested, the BJP would agree to a compromise with regard to the ED case registered against his daughter K Kavitha in the Delhi liquor scam. However, due to the “inefficiency of the Cyberabad police”, a key person escaped and subsequently the court issued directions against the arrest of Santhosh.

The confessional statement of Bhujanga Rao said: “Due to fear of indiscriminate surveillance by SIB, many political leaders, judicial officers and bureaucrats avoided direct phone calls and started encrypted communication like WhatsApp, Signal, SnapChat and other social media platforms. Prabhakar Rao (former SIB chief) and his SOT team of Praneeth Kumar started obtaining and analysing IPDRs (Internet Protocol Data Records) to track their communication over internet calls”. 

Bhujanga Rao stated that during the Assembly election, particularly in October and November 2023, one Sravan Kumar of iNews used to be in direct contact with Prabhakar Rao at the behest of Harish Rao.

Prabhakar Rao in turn had asked Praneeth Kumar to meet Sravan Kumar and be in touch with him. Sravan Kumar got direct access to Praneeth and SIB teams on political works, Bhujanga Rao said.

Sravan Kumar used to communicate mostly through WhatsApp and send all information about Opposition leaders and their supporters, financial backers of Congress and BJP. He used to provide specific inputs for targeted seizures of money of Opposition leaders and also used to help Praneeth’s team in trolling critics of the BRS and its policies.

Phone-tapping used to quell bickering in BRS

Bhujanga Rao confessed that Prabhakar Rao used to discuss with him political developments in different constituencies and gathering information about persons posing a threat to the BRS and its leaders and pass on this information to Praneeth Kumar, who used to monitor them continuously to develop profiles useful for controlling them to help BRS.

“In this way, I came to know that they had put surveillance over Shambipur Raju of BRS who had difference with Quthbullapur MLA (KP Vivekananda), T Rajaiah, BRS leader who had differences with Kadiyam Srihari, Patnam Mahender Reddy and his wife as they were unhappy with Tandur MLA, RS Praveen Kumar (Retired IPS officer), Teegala Krishna Reddy, Teenmar Mallanna, most of the family members of Revanth Reddy, media persons NTV Narendra Chowdary and ABN Radhakrishna, many Opposition candidates like Raghuveer (former minister K Jana Reddy’s son), Saritha Thirupathaiah of Gadwal, Juvvadi Narsinga Rao of Korutla, Vamshi Krishna of Achampet. Kavvampalli Satyanarayana of Manakandur, staff of Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind, Eatala Rajender and Bandi Sanjay, many businessmen of different construction and real estate companies: etc., to track their movements and also to know their networks and associates,’’ Bhujanga Rao said in his statement.

Radhakishan Rao’s confessional statement said: “I understood their expectations and started working in the city task force and used to attend to all the important confidential works of KCR and his family members and some other close associates of KCR in the party. Such works included settlement of civil disputes, arm-twisting certain persons creating trouble to TRS and KCR and his family members, and also suppressing any type of dissent or protest or agitation against the TRS and its government as ‘peddayana’ (KCR) used to get irritated over even minor dissent or criticism also.”

Prabhakar Rao, chief of SIB started a special team under Praneeth Kumar, Inspector, who was promoted as DSP in 2023, to monitor the persons of Opposition parties and other associations who could cause political trouble for KCR and BRS.

“Prabhakar Rao asked me since beginning to coordinate with Praneeth Kumar or confidential information related to political works like seizure of money of opponent parties, helping transportation of money of ruling TRS/BRS through its main fund organisers and any other special tasks related to politics to favour BRS and KCR. This organised work started in 2018 before Assembly elections and later continued through 2019 Lok Sabha elections and various byelections in the state, including Dubbaka, Huzurabad and Munugode, which were fought very prestigiously by BRS and by 2023 Assembly elections, our systematic works had become very efficient because of the experience gained over years.”

Phone-tapping started in 2018

Radhakishan Rao confessed: “This work started in 2018 and became stronger in 2022 and 2023 when we had total control over all resources thanks to KCR. We did many important works in these two years as even the senior police officers and unit officers in districts were all amenable owing to their good postings at the blessings of KCR. Most of them would either keep silent or support indirectly, whereas some of them would completely support and work actively based on SIB chief and Bhujanga Rao’ instructions due to fear or losing their good law and order posting and also to please KCR. On major work we did in 2022 October was related to Moinabad farmhouse MLAs poaching case, during Munugode Assembly bypoll wherein K Rajagopal Reddy, Congress MLA resigned and joined BJP. CM KCR took it prestigiously to defeat BJP in Munugode to put a brake to the growth of BJP after continuous victories in Dubbaka and Huzurabad bypolls.

Laid trap in poaching case

“Probably, some time in the last week of October, one day Prabhakar Rao discussed with me that CM KCR had got an information from MLA Pilot Rohith Reddy that some persons claiming to be influential in BJP were in touch with him asking him to leave BRS and join BJP along with some more MLAs. Then KCR asked the SIB to monitor the same by putting surveillance over those private persons and the MLAs and the SIB Praneeth Kumar did the surveillance and provided one audio clip by intercepting the cell phones. The same audio clip was given to KCR and he ordered us to plan to lay a trap by strictly instructing MLA Rohith Reddy to cooperate with us. Accordingly, the MLA enticed the private persons Nandu and two lesser known Swamijis to come to a farmhouse near Moinabad as per our plan. I had procured spy cameras for this purpose by sending my task force officers Srinath Reddy and Srikanth to Delhi through some contacts and got them fixed in the farmhouse by our task force officers,” Radhakishan Rao’s confessional statement said.

KCR wanted BL Santhosh arrested

“KCR wanted the arrest of BL Santosh, BJP national leader to make the case strong so that BJP would come for a compromise and it can be used to get rid of the ED case on his daughter Kavitha. However, due to inefficiency of some Cyberabad police officers, one important person of Mata Amritanandamayi institution in Kerala escaped police apprehension and later SP Rema Rajeswari and others were sent to Kerala in chartered flight but the work could not be completed. Later, the court ordered not to

arrest Santosh and the SIT case was transferred to CBI. Peddayana (KCR) was very angry for not completing the work as per his expectations. I will not disclose further details of this case, as I owe a lot to Peddayana, who had reappointed me two times and posted in the city task force after my retirement in 2020,” Radhakishan Rao said.

“During Munugode bypoll, we were tasked with seizure of money belonging to all relatives and associates of Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, the BJP candidate. From the CM office also, the names and phone numbers of such persons were being sent to me through our CP for tracking them through interception of their cell phones. I remember having shared a handwritten note from CMO containing the names of G Vivek and Rajagopal Reddy’s associates to SIB for monitoring to get specific information about cash movement of BJP,” he said.

Misuse of power, posts, tech

  • Phones of politicians & journalists were tapped; even WhatsApp calls were tracked

  • Judicial officers, bureaucrats started avoiding direct calls due to indiscriminate surveillance

  • BRS allowed to shift cash, but Oppn funds seized

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