'Noodles': A claustrophobic adventure

With the film all set to release on September 8, the cast of 'Noodles' also includes Sheela Rajkumar.
'Noodles': A claustrophobic adventure

Actor Harish Uthaman will next appear in actor-turned-director Madhan Dakshinamoorthy’s debut film Noodles. According to the actor, the film was shot entirely in Chennai. Madhan had previously appeared in a supporting role in films like Maaveeran and Thunivu. With the film all set to release on September 8, the cast of Noodles also includes Sheela Rajkumar.

Most of the filming was done inside a house, especially within three rooms. Talking about filming inside such a confined space, the actor says, “Since the film is a family drama, there were around 14 actors on set. Shooting with so many people inside a cramped space was different and also challenging for me. Even if I didn’t have a dialogue, I had to perform, since we had to react to each other, with the camera constantly shooting all of us from different angles.” 

Moreover, the team had to complete the shoot in a limited number of days. “Since we had a short deadline, we all were always on our toes. Breaks were minimal and with no caravans, we all got to spend a lot of time together on sets.” However, there were lighter moments too. One time, a comedic performance by a co-star caused both Harish and his co-star Sheela to double up in laughter during the take. “We were supposed to be serious but the actor’s comical reactions were so good that we just couldn’t control our laughter. We took 20 takes to complete that shot.”

Harish also shot for his first romantic song on screen, in Noodles. “Shooting for a romantic track itself was new for me. On top of that, filming it in a cramped space was additionally challenging.” Between shots, Harish says he had spent time sitting beside director Madhan, observing him at work and helping out on sets whenever he could. “We’ve been friends ever since my Kollywood debut. I knew he is a talented writer too. So, I was very excited when he took the plunge and I am happy that I got to act in his directorial debut. He had total clarity in what he wanted from his actors.

I was happy I got to observe this new side of him, shouldering so many responsibilities as a director and ensuring the shoot went on smoothly.” Being directed by his friend was a gratifying experience for Harish. He says, “There were times when I was able to recreate exactly what he wanted for a scene, in just the right measure. As an actor that was a very satisfying feeling, of getting the job done just right.”

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