After 4 assaults, doctors boycott emergency and OPD services in Delhi's Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital

A lady patient came with many attendants who forced us to treat her first.
Image used for representational purpose only. (File Photo)
Image used for representational purpose only. (File Photo)

NEW DELHI: Appalled with multiple incidents of assault over the resident doctors at Delhi Government-run Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital, the medicos there boycotted OPD and Emergency services on Saturday.
The doctors demanded ample security from the hospital administration and institutional FIR against people who allegedly assaulted the doctors while on duty. According to the doctors, four incidents of assault were reported in a week.

This Saturday, a similar incident took place which triggered the medicos to take this drastic step. “We were doing triage in an emergency wherein most critical cases are given treatment first. A lady patient came with many attendants who forced us to treat her first. Since the case was not so critical, we asked them to wait. However, they blocked the emergency door preventing any other patient to enter.

When we objected, they called more people who resorted to violence,” said Dr Sahil Malik, vice-president, Resident Doctors Association of the hospital. He also alleged that when the doctors went to the police, they discouraged them saying that the accused came from an influential background.

Meanwhile, the doctors also mentioned the previous three incidents. “The first incident happened in the labor room when one of our female doctors was assaulted. The next day, another incident happened in an emergency room when the attendants of the patient argued with the duty doctor and threatened him with dire consequences. The third incident happened in the orthopedic department two days ago where a junior doctor was also assaulted by the relatives of a patient,” said a doctor.

Doctors said the dearth of security personnel is the biggest reason behind multiple incidents. “There are only two guards outside the emergency.We demand adequate security from the hospital,” Malik said.

The Federation of Resident Doctors Association also urged the government to take the matter on priority “The area where the hospital is situated is known to be notorious. The doctors need proper security arrangements to dissuade any further incidents,” said Dr Aviral Mathur, FORDA president.

The newspaper approached Dr. Suman Kumari, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital but she refused to comment on the matter.

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