India reaffirms global position with Delhi Declaration at G20

India reaffirmed its position as a key player in international politics by hosting the G20 Summit in New Delhi.
Image used for representational purpose.
Image used for representational purpose.

NEW DELHI:  That year that has just gone by proved to be trailblazing for the external affairs ministry as India reaffirmed its position as a key player in international politics by hosting the G20 Summit in New Delhi. The summit saw world leaders come together to discuss pressing issues such as global warming, bilateral relations, economic actions and the south-north divide.

However, India also found itself in a quagmire when it was accused of killing a Khalistani in Canada and planning execution of another in the US. 

A recap of the G20 Summit: India hosted over 200 G20-related meetings with every state organising at least one event. Of these, the most remarkable was the one held in Srinagar as the city had received foreign delegates after years.

Thought the G20 members failed to arrive at a consensus at the end of all meetings due to their disagreement on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, India managed to change the wording of the final document during the Summit, which witnessed the signing of the historic Delhi Declaration.,

It was an occasion when India brought world leaders like Joe Biden to Rishi Sunak, Emmanuel Macron, Fumio Kishida, Gorgia Meloni, Anthony Albanese under one roof. The African Union was formally made a part of G20 and there was a summit on the Voice of Global South hosted virtually by India to be more inclusive.

By the time India hosted the last G20 event — a virtual Summit in November — the narrative had undergone a change with a conflict breaking out between Israel and Hamas on October 7. The Hamas attacked Israel and took back hostages. Over 20,000 lives were lost and the conflict continues.

Diplomatic storms
India hit back at Canada when PM Justin Trudeau alleged New Delhi’s involvement in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Colombia in June.

November brought with it another shocker as the US Justice Department named an Indian as a conspirator in a foiled assassination attempt of Khalistani separatist Gurupatwant Singh Pannun.

New lease of life
In a victory of sorts that India has been waiting for, a Qatar court commuted the death sentence to eight Indian Navy personnel incarcerating since August 2022.

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