S-400 missile deal has very important meaning for Indian defence capability: Russian minister

On the S-400 deal, he said that it not only has symbolic meaning but has a very important practical meaning for the Indian defence capability.

published on : 6th December 2021

Joe Biden approves proposed AUKUS deal to exchange naval nuclear propulsion info: White House

Joe Biden on Friday pardoned two turkeys for the first time in his role as US president and as part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

published on : 20th November 2021

India, France to expand defence, security partnership

France's resolve to expand strategic cooperation with India comes nearly two months after the unveiling of a new security alliance by Australia, the UK and the US that had infuriated the French.

published on : 6th November 2021

Australia, UK defend AUKUS pact, say fears overhyped

The AUKUS pact drew mixed reactions in the region, with Malaysia and Indonesia expressing concern it could escalate tensions in hotspots such as the South China Sea.

published on : 21st October 2021

AUKUS challenge to multilateral EU, ASEAN approaches

While AUKUS is primarily a military alliance, EU and ASEAN are more focused on issues of non-traditional security such as climate change

published on : 11th October 2021

Can Quad and AUKUS synergise?

AUKUS adds another layer of deterrence against China. The group is likely to strengthen the military dimension, contrary to the belief that it undercuts Quad.

published on : 9th October 2021

Blinken meets Macron as US seeks to heal rift with France

The Biden administration has acknowledged that last month's announcement of a three-way Indo-Pacific agreement between Australia, Britain and the U.S. known as AUKUS was handled poorly.

published on : 5th October 2021

UK's Opposition Labour members pass motion declaring AUKUS 'dangerous'

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer had backed the alliance when it was announced, saying: “Britain must look after our most important relationships.”

published on : 28th September 2021

China-Taiwan tensions grow as US, allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement

Germany, which has close economic ties to China, got a wake-up call last week when China rejected its request for a port call for the frigate Bavaria.

published on : 23rd September 2021

US rules out adding India or Japan to security alliance with Australia and UK

China has sharply criticised the trilateral alliance, saying such exclusive grouping has no future and will gravely undermine regional stability and aggravate the arms race.

published on : 23rd September 2021

AUKUS alliance neither relevant to Quad nor will impact on its functioning: India

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said the member states of Quad have a shared vision for the Indo-Pacific and they are working towards it.

published on : 21st September 2021

Submarine deal row: France lobbies EU as trust in US, UK and Australia wanes

French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said he would raise the trade pact and the security implications of the deal, known as AUKUS, at a meeting with his counterparts in Brussels.

published on : 21st September 2021

Big week for global diplomacy amid quad summit

India will also have to figure out what AUKUS means for it, especially the nuclear-armed submarines delivered to Australia.

published on : 21st September 2021

'Alliance with Australia, Britain not against any country': White House tells China

The US, Britain and Australia on Wednesday announced the AUKUS alliance for the Indo-Pacific to take on the threats of the 21st century and allow for greater sharing of defence capabilities.

published on : 17th September 2021

Australia, UK, US Nuclear submarine deal will reshape Indo-Pacific relations

The US, the UK and Australia have earlier announced a tripartite security alliance that will enhance the development of joint capabilities and technology sharing among others.

published on : 16th September 2021
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