Ayush Ministry

AYUSH Ministry not validating Goa teacher's COVID-19 cure

Goa-based teacher Mahesh Degvekar suggesting a possible ayurvedic cure for Covid-19, but the AYUSH Ministry was not validating the "cure".

published on : 25th April 2020

AYUSH Ministry to explore therapies for containment of COVID-19 outbreak, seeks online suggestions

The ministry is using platforms like video-conferencing and social media to reach out to AYUSH practitioners and involve them in stopping and discouraging false and unsupported claims.

published on : 31st March 2020

Homoeopathy effective in prevention of coronavirus, claims AYUSH ministry

It has recommended that homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum album 30 could be taken empty stomach daily for three days as a prophylactic medicine against the infection.

published on : 29th January 2020