Baghdadi raid

Turkey to send foreign IS fighters home from November 11

Turkey has criticised Western countries for refusing to repatriate their citizens who left to join IS in Syria and Iraq, and stripping some of them of their citizenship.

published on : 8th November 2019

Trump tweets doctored photo of military dog, sends White House invitation

The President appears to have declassified the dog's name: Conan. That had remained a military secret because of the classified nature of the mission in which Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died.

published on : 31st October 2019

Syrian agent stole ISIS Chief Baghdadi's underwear for DNA test before his death

Polat Can, a senior adviser to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, published details of the intelligence work that led to the US raid in which the founder of ISIS was killed.

published on : 29th October 2019

Mohammad Bin Salman congratulates Donald Trump on death of ISIS chief Baghdadi

On Sunday, Trump had announced that Abu Bakr, the most wanted terrorist in the world, was killed in an operation launched by the US Army in Syria's Idlib province.

published on : 29th October 2019

Baghdadi raid was named after American human rights worker, IS victim Kayla Mueller

The 26-year-old human rights worker was taken prisoner by the IS when she visited a hospital while helping civil war refugees in Syria in 2013.

published on : 29th October 2019