ChatGPT and language AIs are nothing without humans - how countless hidden people make the magic

Far from being an autonomous superintelligence, ChatGPT is, like all technologies, nothing without us.

published on : 19th August 2023

Fuelling AI with local lingo

A city-based startup is helping AI models break language barriers with regional language datasets created by rural Indians 

published on : 17th August 2023

AP govt issues orders to attach Rs 15.8 crore movable properties of  Margadarsi

Amit Bardar said the Home Department issued a GO on Thursday, directing the CID on further proceedings.

published on : 29th July 2023

‘NABARD’s 40-yr service to India a matter of pride’

He appreciated NABARD Andhra Pradesh Regional Office, for sanctioning 47,695 infrastructure projects.

published on : 26th July 2023

Embracing regional language tech for wider reach

NLP helps in understanding and generating human language through algorithms and computational linguistics.

published on : 7th July 2023

Rath Yatra celebration: Good Samaritans distribute free food

Sangeeta Padhiary, who manned the kiosk, said they have been making breakfast for at least 100 people during Rath Yatra and Bahuda Yatra every year.

published on : 21st June 2023
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