Safe travels with aunt flo

Avid female travellers speak of their choice to use sustainable menstruation products and how one can travel with them hygienically.

published on : 27th July 2022

New Man Under Construction

The New Woman who had been hiding inside the Old Woman for centuries is now out and about. 

published on : 6th March 2022

Adele gets criticised over Brits awards acceptance speech

The new category, best gender-neutral artist of the year, replaced the separate best female and best male artist categories from previous Brits award shows.

published on : 11th February 2022

Where are the older heroines?

This weekly column is a rumination on how women are portrayed in cinema

published on : 17th November 2021

Sculpted reality: Artist Kiran Dixit Thapar shows existential realities through her art

Artworks by Kiran Dixit Thapar reflect existential themes and why women should stick together.

published on : 29th October 2019

Women are not given opportunities to contribute to their full potential: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Trudeau said heterogeneous society is a new reality and the biggest challenge is to understand how differences can become a source of strength.

published on : 19th February 2018

Important to name perpetrators, says V Geetha on Raya Sarkar's crowd-sourced list of sexual harassers

She goes on to weigh in on the root of the issue - power imbalances and the nature of mentorship in closed university circles.

published on : 27th October 2017

‘Sexual Violence Hall of Shame’: Due diligence done, says response to ‘Kafila’ feminists

Raya Sarkar, an Indian lawyer based in the United States, put out a list on her Facebook page, naming and shaming academicians who have been accused of sexual harassment by students.

published on : 25th October 2017