India Sri Lanka ties

Sri Lankan minister Sarath Weerasekara criticizes India for power-sharing call

Provincial Councils Minister Sarath Weerasekara said that India has no moral right to interfere in the country's internal affairs by insisting on power sharing with minority Tamils.

published on : 8th October 2020

RBI signs documents to extend USD 400 million currency swap facility to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in April said it was set to enter into an agreement with the RBI for a currency swap worth USD 400 million under SAARC framework to boost the foreign reserves.

published on : 25th July 2020

India in talks with Sri Lanka over its request for debt relief: Ministry of External Affairs

Sri Lanka is reeling under a major economic crisis and has requested several countries and international donors, including India to provide debt relief.

published on : 9th July 2020

India, Sri Lanka in talks to reschedule Colombo's repayment of financial help

Amidst the economic woes triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, Sri Lanka has opted to seek help from India through currency swap arrangements.

published on : 1st July 2020