What if Elon Musk loses Twitter case but defies court?

"The court can impose sanctions and the court can kind of coerce Musk into taking over the company," she said. "But why would the court do that when what really is at stake is money?"

published on : 3rd October 2022

Critics fear Saudi prince seeks legal cover with PM title

The 37-year-old de facto ruler of the world's biggest crude exporter has been targeted in multiple such lawsuits in recent years, notably over the 2018 killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

published on : 1st October 2022

Taylor Swift hit with USD 1 Million copyright lawsuit

On August 23, author Teresa La Dart filed a complaint in a federal court in Tennessee accusing Taylor of plagiarizing her book of 'poems, tales, and images.'

published on : 25th August 2022

Twitter responds to Elon Musk's claims on spam bots, calls them 'excuses'

The fate of that acquisition, which Musk agreed to without taking the time to examine the details of Twitter's business, now rests with a Delaware court where Twitter sued Musk to complete the deal.

published on : 5th August 2022

Elon Musk's response to Twitter lawsuit to be made public by Friday

However, Twitter's attorneys argued that court rules require that five business days lapse before a public version of Musk's filing is docketed.

published on : 4th August 2022

$44 billion buyout deal: Elon Musk fires back at Twitter in court battle

Musk's counter-suit was submitted along with a legal defence against Twitter's claim that the billionaire is contractually bound to complete the deal he inked in April to buy Twitter.

published on : 30th July 2022

Zuckerberg, Sandberg set to be deposed in Cambridge Analytica lawsuit

Meta lawyers are reportedly looking at Facebook staff's involvement with Sandberg's foundation Lean In, and their work to help her promote her most recent book, "Option B".

published on : 23rd July 2022

Apple agrees to pay USD 50 million to settle flawed 'butterfly' keyboards lawsuit

The butterfly keyboard was slimmer than Apple's previous design, which used industry-standard scissor switches.

published on : 20th July 2022

Amazon sues admins of 10,000 Facebook groups over fake reviews

Amazon noted since 2020, it has reported more than 10,000 fake review groups to Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Meta has removed half of these groups and is investigating the others.

published on : 20th July 2022

Elon Musk demands months for trial preparation in Twitter lawsuit: Reports  

Musk's lawyers accused Twitter of withholding information about fake accounts and of creating delays, providing evasive responses and putting up technical obstacles.

published on : 16th July 2022

Twitter crisis: Rattled and uncertain of its future, the social media giant stumbles on  

"Twitter is facing a huge image crisis, and confidence in its leadership is wavering, whether the Musk situation has affected its revenues is unclear," said an eMarketer analyst. 

published on : 16th July 2022

US rapper Kanye West sued for USD 7 million over unpaid event production fees

The firm, Phantom Labs, alleged that, as the unpaid bills began piling up from multiple projects, it was assured that everything would be paid up once the star collected a reported USD 9 million fee.

published on : 15th July 2022

Bot battle: Tech that could decide Twitter's Elon Musk lawsuit

The information Twitter has or has not provided on its tally of fake or spam accounts is Musk's stated reason for backing away from the deal -- a move that prompted the firm to sue him this week.

published on : 15th July 2022

Ronaldo's lawyer seeks USD 626K from woman's lawyer in Vegas rape case

Ronaldo’s attorneys accuse Stovall of obtaining stolen material containing privileged attorney-client communication and then trying repeatedly to make them public by attaching them to court filings.

published on : 30th June 2022

Former Tesla worker rejects $15 million payout in racism abuse lawsuit

Owen Diaz, who worked at the Tesla plant as an elevator operator, was originally awarded $6.9 million in damages for emotional distress and $130 million in punitive damages in the case.

published on : 23rd June 2022

Twitter shareholder lawsuit accuses Musk of 'market manipulation'

The suit alleges the billionaire Tesla boss tweeted and made statements intended to create doubt about the deal, which has roiled the social media platform for weeks.

published on : 29th May 2022

At long last, jury gets closing arguments in Depp trial

Each side will have two hours to summarize their case in a trial that has stretched on for six weeks.

published on : 27th May 2022

Cancer patients seek damages from Fukushima nuclear plant

The plaintiffs are suing the operator of the nuclear plant, saying radiation released in the accident caused their illnesses.

published on : 26th May 2022

Kate Moss denies rumour Johnny Depp once pushed her down the stairs, court hears

She told the court how during a holiday in Jamaica with Depp he had picked her up and "got (her) medical attention" after she had fallen down some stairs.

published on : 26th May 2022

Johnny Depp's severed finger story has flaws: Surgeon

Jurors had already heard from both Depp and Heard extensively — each was on the stand for four days, undergoing grueling cross-examinations.

published on : 24th May 2022
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