Taking in the orphaned and mentally ill

Mathrudevobhava Anadha Ashramam's Giri urged the government to provide permanent land so that he can rehabilitate more persons in the ashram.

published on : 19th December 2021

Change approach to mental illness

The understanding is that if interventions were widely available, a person with mental illness might be less likely to end up on the streets.

published on : 3rd August 2021

35 persons with mental illness rescued in Chennai

Operation prioritises dignity of patients, but activists say programme had lapses

published on : 30th July 2021

Happy childhood gives no guarantee for good mental health

There are certainly some missing factors in understanding how our childhood environment and early life experiences might translate into mental health outcomes in adulthood.

published on : 25th February 2021

Florida school shooting blamed on mental illness, not guns

In a national address from the White House, Trump said he wants America's children to know, "you are never alone, and you never will be."

published on : 16th February 2018