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Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif-led coalition decides to complete tenure: Report

The cash-starved country is in dire need of foreign assistance due to its depleting forex reserves and growing repayments and import financing requirements.

published on : 18th May 2022

Pakistan court extends pre-arrest bail of PM Shehbaz Sharif, son in money laundering case

The indictment of the prime minister and his son was delayed because the premier was in London and could not attend the hearing. 

published on : 14th May 2022

Pak on the boil: Time for Modi to display Chanakyan foresight

It is always bad news when a neighbouring country plunges into a political crisis. India faces double trouble with two adjoining states on the boil —Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

published on : 17th April 2022

As Shehbaz Sharif shortlists his Cabinet, Pakistan Army downplays 'foreign conspiracy' angle

PM Sharif became the Prime minister on April 11, following the ouster of Imran Khan through a no-confidence motion, with this Khan became the first PM to be removed through the democratic process.

published on : 15th April 2022

Shehbaz Sharif: Business baron who likes being called ‘chief servant’

Shehbaz served three terms as Punjab’s chief minister. He held the post from 1997-1999, before Pervez Musharraf exiled the Sharif brothers to Saudi Arabia, and then from 2008-2013 and 2013-2018.

published on : 12th April 2022

Shehbaz Sharif elected as new Prime Minister of Pakistan 

Shehbaz Sharif, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president, was elected unopposed as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

published on : 11th April 2022

National Assembly session for election of new Pakistan PM begins

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi was also in the fray for the prime ministerial post with his nomination papers approved on Sunday.

published on : 11th April 2022

PTI lawmakers to resign from National Assembly, fight for freedom, says Imran's aide

Chaudhry, the former information minister, also said that the PTI has refused to be a part of the so-called election for which the party has nominated ex-foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

published on : 11th April 2022

Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan after Eid: PML-N leader 

Mian Javed Latif said a decision on PML-N supremo and the three-time prime minister Sharif's anticipated return will be discussed with the coalition partners.

published on : 11th April 2022

New Pakistan government not to indulge in 'politics of revenge': Sharif

The younger brother of PML-N supremo and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was grateful to other Opposition leaders for their relentless struggle for upholding the rule of law and constitution.

published on : 10th April 2022

'We will not take revenge, won't do injustice to anybody', says Shehbaz Sharif as he is all set to become next Pakistan PM

Imran Khan lost the trust vote in the National Assembly in a late-night vote after high political drama that saw Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly resigning from their posts.

published on : 10th April 2022

Pakistan Parliament adjourned, to meet again on Monday to elect new PM

The joint Opposition, a rainbow of socialist, liberal and radically religious parties, secured the support of 174 members in the 342-member National Assembly to oust Imran Khan from PM's chair.

published on : 10th April 2022

'Show some sportsman spirit', says Opposition as Imran government knocks SC door again

Pakistan's Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the ruling by deputy speaker Qasim Suri on the rejection of the no-confidence motion and ordered restoration of the National Assembly.

published on : 9th April 2022

Voting on no-confidence motion by Opposition against Imran to be held on April 3: Minister

He predicted that all estranged allies would come back to support the government headed by Khan as already done by Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q).

published on : 29th March 2022

Pakistan opposition vows to bring down PM Imran Khan's government

Maryam, daughter and heir of former three-time premier Nawaz Sharif, castigated incumbent prime minister Khan for using the religious card to save his tottering throne.

published on : 29th March 2022

After moving no-trust motion against Imran Khan, Pakistan Opposition now targets Punjab CM

The Opposition rushed to bring the no-confidence motion against Khan's "blue-eyed" Buzdar to forestall the PTI government's possible plan to dissolve the Punjab Assembly.

published on : 28th March 2022

Imran Khan says he will not resign as three allies indicate to vote against his government

On Sunday, the National Assembly Secretariat issued a notification, paving the way for holding the key session on Friday.

published on : 24th March 2022

Ahead of no-confidence vote, Pakistan army stays neutral; Imran faces dissent within his party

The National Assembly session for the move is expected to be convened on March 21 and the voting is likely to be held on March 28.

published on : 19th March 2022

Imran struggling after revolt from within ruling party ahead of no-trust vote in Parliament

The National Assembly session for the move is expected to be convened on March 21 and the voting is likely to be held on March 28.

published on : 19th March 2022

Pak PM Imran Khan faces revolt from within his ruling party ahead of no-trust vote

The National Assembly session for the move is expected to be convened on March 21 and the voting is likely to be held on March 28.

published on : 18th March 2022
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