Malayalam actor Swasika draws flak for her statements #MeToo, Women in Cinema collective

"I don't think anyone will be forcefully raped in this industry. I don't think we need organisations like WCC," the actor said in a recent interaction with a media outlet.

published on : 9th December 2022

Pay equity: BCCI announces equal match fee for its men and women cricketers

Not just India, New Zealand Cricket, earlier this year, had struck a deal with the country's players' association, which enabled the women cricketers to earn as much as the male players.

published on : 27th October 2022

Reticence in HDI rankings

When HDI originally evolved, there was a lot of discussion and debate. The idea was that there should be a simple measure, one that policy-makers can identify with.

published on : 16th October 2022

Regional disparity issue pushed to oblivion in Odisha

That the State government is completely oblivious to the issue is evident from the fact that the report of a commission set up in 2004 for the purpose is yet to see the light of the day.

published on : 9th September 2022

Big pay disparity between Ayush, regular doctors 

Practitioners rue about huge gap in budget allocation for Ayush and allopathic medicine

published on : 15th August 2022

India ranks 135th in gender parity; worst for health and survival: Report

The WEF said though India’s gender gap score recorded its seventh-highest level in the last 16 years, it continues to rank among the worst performers on various parameters.

published on : 13th July 2022

India’s forex kitty shrinks USD 19 billion since March on stronger dollar

The rupee hit a life low of 79.37/38 recently and closed at 79.26 on Friday. Economists expect the rupee to continue weakening as the dollar heads for parity against the Euro.

published on : 9th July 2022

Two Third of blue-collared staff earn less than Rs 15,000 a month: Report

The study calls for attention to the fact that a vast majority of Indians have difficulties securing even a livable wage, and reveals the widening pay disparity between men and women.

published on : 8th July 2022

Cheaper fuel in Karnataka drives fuel stations in Kerala's Kasaragod to the brink

Diesel sales slump 30% in the district; pumps on highway and border areas see sales plummet by 75% to 90%

published on : 7th April 2022