Japan extends its own North Korean sanctions another two years

Japan bans all trade between the countries and prohibits North Korean-registered ships from entering its ports, except for humanitarian purposes. It also bans flights between the countries.

published on : 6th April 2021

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in North Korea to seek 'details' on denuclearisation 

Pompeo was greeted in the North Korean capital by Kim's right hand man Kim Yong Chol and Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, pool reports said. 

published on : 6th July 2018

Chinese leader calls for 'smooth' North Korean leader Kim and US President Donald Trump talks

Kim has agreed to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the Demilitarized Zone in late April, while Trump and the North Korean leader could meet by the end of May.

published on : 13th March 2018

Hillary Clinton warns of 'diplomatic danger' in North Korea talks

The former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said that Washington lacked experienced diplomats to handle the talks.

published on : 10th March 2018

North Korea has offered to give up its nuclear weapons. Here's why it could be a bluff

More than once in the past, leadership in Pyongyang has promised to abandon its nuclear ambitions in return for economic aid or sanctions relief only to renege on it.

published on : 7th March 2018

European Union welcomes 'encouraging steps' on North Korea

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-Wha will meet her European Union counterparts at their regular meeting in Brussels on March 19 to update them on developments.

published on : 6th March 2018

South Korean delegation heads to Pyongyang to push for talks between US and North on nuclear weapons

An intense rapprochement saw the two rivals march together at the South's Pyeongchang Winter Olympics last month, with North's leader Kim Jong Un sending his sister as a special envoy to the event.

published on : 5th March 2018

US to unveil toughest yet-sanctions on North Korea, says Vice President Mike Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence said on Wednesday after talks with Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe on the threat posed by Pyongyang.

published on : 7th February 2018

North Korea confirms missile launch, says can strike anywhere in US

The missile was fired into the Sea of Japan and flew for more than 900 km and reached a height of 4,000 km, which is the highest a North Korean missile has flown to date.

published on : 29th November 2017

UN chief strongly condemns North Korea missile launch

The Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the latest launch and calls from the US for more sanctions on North Korea. 

published on : 29th November 2017

North Korea says to make 'important announcement' at 9 am: Report

The nuclear-armed North Korea test-fired a missile that could bring the entire continental United States within range.  

published on : 29th November 2017

Trump says Asia held hostage by North Korea's 'twisted fantasies'

Trump has embarked on a tour of Asia this week trying to rally regional support for curbing North Korea's nuclear weapons programme, warning that time is running out over the crisis.

published on : 10th November 2017

Thousands urge peace in anti-Trump protest in South Korea

Thousands of South Koreans protested Sunday against an upcoming visit by Donald Trump and called for peace as the US President begins an Asian tour.

published on : 5th November 2017

North Korea looms large as Trump challenges Iran

By the close of business Friday, Trump is expected to declare that a landmark agreement curbing Iran's nuclear program is no longer in the US interest.

published on : 12th October 2017

North Korea accuses US of exploiting American student's death

North Korea accused the US of exploiting the death of Otto Warmbier, the American student who was held prisoner in Pyongyang for over a year.

published on : 29th September 2017
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