IN PICS | Third and final supermoon 'Sturgeon Moon' of 2022 lights up night skies

Stargazers enjoyed a stunning glimpse of the 'Sturgeon Moon' which marked the last of four supermoons this year in the early hours of Friday morning, having appeared bigger than normal with orange hues as it lit skies around the globe.

published on : 12th August 2022

SEE PICS | Supermoon lights up the sky across the world on June 14

From Frankfurt and New York to Istanbul and Beijing, skygazers could enjoy a beautiful supermoon rise over the horizon in an impressive astronomic spectacle. The full moon appeared bigger than normal and sometimes slightly orange-colored as it lit skies around the globe. It reached its full stage on June 14 during a phenomenon known as a supermoon because of its proximity to Earth. It’s also referred to as the “Strawberry Moon” because it’s the full moon at strawberry harvest time.

published on : 16th June 2022

IN PHOTOS | 2019's biggest Supermoon a visual spectacle

The Super Moon which graced the skies on February 19 is termed as the ‘Super Snow Moon’ while the Super Moon of January 21 was called as the ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’. Super Moon occurs when the full moon is closest to the Earth making it look bigger and brighter. The Super Moon in March will be called 'Super Worm Moon' as the weather turns warmer in the month of March. Check out photos here!

published on : 20th February 2019

Glimpses of the Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse

On Sunday night, the moon, Earth and sun lined up to create the eclipse, which was visible throughout North and South America, where skies were clear. There won't be another until the year 2021.

published on : 21st January 2019