The Satanic Verses

Salman Rushdie among bookie favourites in UK to win Nobel Prize

If the 75-year-old celebrated British American novelist wins, he will become the first Indian-born writer to win the prestigious honour since Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel for 'Gitanjali' in 1913.

published on : 4th October 2022

Salman Rushdie's attacker says he acted alone

Matar said he was less familiar with Rushdie's written work but had watched his videos on YouTube. "I saw a lot of lectures," he said. "I don't like people who are disingenuous like that."

published on : 19th August 2022

Rushdie in 'critical condition,' but his 'usual feisty & defiant sense of humour remains intact,' says son

Infused with magical realism, 1988′s “The Satanic Verses” drew ire from some Muslims who regarded elements of the novel as blasphemy.

published on : 14th August 2022

Salman Rushdie's works attract increased interest after attack 

Bookstores reported a flurry of interest in the Indian-born author, some from readers too young to remember the original fury he prompted across much of the Muslim world.

published on : 14th August 2022

Rushdie off ventilator and talking, day after attack: Author Aatish Taseer

Salman Rushdie, during a New York talk, said that terrorism was really the art of fear, "The only way you can defeat it is by deciding not to be afraid."

published on : 14th August 2022

'We must tell better stories than the tyrants': Revisiting Salman Rushdie's speech months before fatal attack on him

Today the 75-year-old India-born British-American novelist Rusdhie is battling for his life after he was attacked in New York yesterday.

published on : 14th August 2022

Retired cop, scribe recall protest against Rushdie's book in Mumbai 33 years ago that led to police firing, deaths

Arzoo, 65, who was then working with the newspaper Hindustan, claimed that the participants had not intended any violence and shops and other establishments in the area were open as usual.

published on : 13th August 2022

'Where is humanity going?' Writers, publishers condemn attack on Salman Rushdie

Geetanjali Shree, the first Indian to join the esteemed club of International Booker-winning authors, described the attack on Rushdie as an 'inexcusable and inhuman' act.

published on : 13th August 2022

'Unnecessary': When Salman Rushdie complained about 'too much security' around him

In 2001, Rushdie publicly complained about having too much security around him, The New York Post reported.

published on : 13th August 2022

Praise, worry in Iran after Rushdie attack; government quiet

“I don’t know Salman Rushdie, but I am happy to hear that he was attacked since he insulted Islam," said Reza Amiri, a 27-year-old deliveryman. “This is the fate for anybody who insults sanctities.”

published on : 13th August 2022

Iran's conservative media hail author Salman Rushdie's attacker

Iranian ultra-conservative newspaper Kayhan whose chief is appointed by current supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei applauded the 'duty-conscious man' who stabbed Rushdie.

published on : 13th August 2022

Even thirty years later, why Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' remains so controversial

The book, “Satanic Verses,” goes to the heart of Muslim religious beliefs when Rushdie, in dream sequences, challenges and sometimes seems to mock some of its most sensitive tenets.

published on : 13th August 2022

'This was the last place you'd expect something like this': Reporter who witnessed Salman Rushdie attack

Joshua Goodman arrived at the outdoor amphitheater just as Rushdie's interview which was advertised as focusing on the importance of persecuted writers having a place to work was about to start.

published on : 13th August 2022

Public officials, literary figures shocked over attack on author Salman Rushdie

Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses book' led to a fatwa, a religious decree, by the then Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, which forced the writer into hiding for several years.

published on : 13th August 2022

Salman Rushdie on ventilator, likely to lose an eye after stabbing: Report

Author Rushdie's liver was "stabbed and damaged" following an attack on him on Friday, his agent said, noting that the "news is not good".

published on : 13th August 2022

Salman Rushdie: Magical realist forced to live on the run

The 75-year-old, who was stabbed in an attack on Friday at a speaking event in New York state, was propelled into the spotlight with his second novel 'Midnight's Children' in 1981.

published on : 12th August 2022

'Salman Rushdie alive after attack; authorities monitoring situation': New York governor

Rushdie, the 75-year-old Mumbai-born controversial author who faced Islamist death threats after writing 'The Satanic Verses', was attacked and suffered an apparent stab wound to the neck.

published on : 12th August 2022

Author Salman Rushdie stabbed in neck on stage in New York; undergoes surgery

Rushdie, 75, who suffered years of death threats, was attacked on stage while he was being introduced at the event of the Chautauqua Institution in Western New York.

published on : 12th August 2022