US China relations

Xiaomi, 8 other Chinese firms face US ban just days before Trump exit

Just days before exiting the White House, the Trump Administration on Friday added nine Chinese firms, including smartphone giant Xiaomi, to its list of blacklisted companies.

published on : 16th January 2021

US politicians digging hole for future relations: Chinese government mouthpiece

While President-elect Joe Biden has signaled he intends to keep pressure on China, he's also expected to seek a return to more conventional, less confrontational style of diplomacy.

published on : 10th December 2020

US ends five cultural programs with China in further escalation

Each program allowed US officials to travel in China at Beijing's expense.

published on : 6th December 2020

China, US economic 'decoupling' not realistic, a 'lose-lose' plan: Top Chinese official

Han noted that the China-US trade volume was up by 16 per cent year-on-year in the third quarter even with global trade hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

published on : 30th October 2020

We're going to 'do plenty' with China: Trump's re-election promise as US presidential polls near

Trump's remarks came in response to being asked if he was in support of wearing facial coverings as a means to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease.

published on : 22nd October 2020

China criticises US media controls as 'political oppression'

The steps announced Wednesday by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo apply to six newspapers and other outlets, which requires them to identify their employees.

published on : 22nd October 2020

US ambassador defends tough approach to China

Branstad is returning to Iowa this weekend after three years and three months as ambassador in Beijing, the longest he and his wife have lived outside of his home state.

published on : 29th September 2020

China says Donald Trump's remarks against it full of 'fabricated lies' driven by 'shady political motives'

China will update and enhance its nationally determined contribution targets and introduce stronger policies and measures.

published on : 23rd September 2020

New York police officer was spying for China, held

In addition to acting as an illegal Chinese agent, Angwang is also charged with committing wire fraud, making material false statements and obstructing an official proceeding.

published on : 22nd September 2020

Donald Trump aims to use UN General Assembly address to send strong message to China

Trump is not popular at the United Nations and his speech this year comes at a time when UN members are pushing back against Washington.

published on : 22nd September 2020

Taiwan economic talks: China warns US of 'serious damage' to relations

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed last week that it was in negotiations with the US on such talks, but did not comment on a specific date or who might attend from Washington.

published on : 15th September 2020

China denounces US visa revocations as racial discrimination

US-China relations have hit their lowest ebb in decades amid frictions over trade, technology, intellectual property and a myriad of other issues.

published on : 10th September 2020

China targets press cards for some US media as bilateral relations deteriorate: Reports

The moves are the latest manifestation of the deteriorating state of U.S.-China relations that have fallen to their lowest level in decades.

published on : 7th September 2020

China slams 'barbarous' Hong Kong Sanctions by US

In the toughest US action on Hong Kong since China imposed a sweeping new security law on the territory, Washington on Friday sanctioned a group of Chinese and Hong Kong officials.

published on : 8th August 2020

Australian leader says US-China war no longer inconceivable

Ex-PM and China scholar Kevin Rudd wrote in the Foreign Affairs journal that the risk of armed conflict between the United States and China in the next three months was especially 'high'.

published on : 5th August 2020
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