US citizenship

Joe Biden administration reverts to 2008 version of citizenship test

The civics test is administered to applicants who apply for US citizenship through naturalisation and is one of the statutory requirements for naturalising.

published on : 24th February 2021

Joe Biden's administration rolls back Trump-era citizenship test, reverts to 2008 version

Trump admin had introduced some changes to the naturalisation civics test, called the 2020 civics test, which increased the number of questions from 100 to 128, among other changes.

published on : 23rd February 2021

Biden administration withdraws move to rescind work authorisation for H-1B visa holders' spouses

The H4 visa is normally issued to those who have already started the process of seeking employment-based lawful permanent resident status in the US.

published on : 28th January 2021

Will bring bill for citizenship of 11 million undocumented people: Kamala Harris

Taking to Twitter, she said that her first priority after assuming office would be to save American lives from coronavirus, and along with Biden.

published on : 29th December 2020

Biden administration likely to provide US citizenship to over 5,00,000 Indians, repeal Trump's 'Muslim ban' 

Employment-based visas, also known as green cards, allow migrants to gain lawful permanent residence in the US in order to engage in skilled work.

published on : 8th November 2020

US federal judge blocks big fee hikes for citizenship, other immigration benefits

Fees were set to increase by an average of 20 per cent on Friday at US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency responsible for awarding citizenship, green cards and temporary work permits.

published on : 30th September 2020

Indian techie becomes US citizen in rare ceremony at White House hosted by President Trump

Trump hosted the naturalisation ceremony at the White House and the video of the ceremony was played during the second night of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.

published on : 26th August 2020

Cyprus denies allegations of granting crime-accused foreigners citizenship under 'golden passport' scheme

The program has attracted many investors because a passport from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus automatically grants its holder citizenship to the entire 27-member European Union.

published on : 24th August 2020

Indians launch SOS campaign to travel home with minor children having US citizenship

Travel to India by a non-Indian citizen, except for certain categories of those having Overseas Citizens of India card, is barred due to strict travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

published on : 31st May 2020

Trump administration urges US court not to block work permits to spouses of H-1B visa-holders

An H-4 visa is issued by the USCIS to the immediate family members (spouse and children under 21 years of age) of the H-1B visa-holders, most of whom are Indian IT professionals.

published on : 7th May 2020

H-1B visa application process to begin from Monday; to face unprecedented scrutiny

Chatter at various social media platforms and groups indicate that immigration attorneys this time expect a much high rate of rejection.

published on : 1st April 2018

Relief for Indian techies, US says no change in H-1B extension policy

In December, a US-based news agency had reported that the Department of Homeland Security is considering new regulations that would prevent the H1-B visa extensions.

published on : 9th January 2018