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Analysis: How Afghan war showed limits of US military power

The US spent hundreds of billions, and even after the withdrawal, the Biden administration plans to ask Congress to spend billions more in support of Afghan soldiers.

published on : 17th July 2021

Taliban launch assault on Afghan provincial capital as US ramps up withdrawal

Badghis provincial council chief Abdul Aziz Bek confirmed the assault, saying some security officials had surrendered to the Taliban.

published on : 7th July 2021

US military could slow withdrawal from Afghanistan due to gain in Taliban insurgents: Pentagon

Pentagon officials said that last week that the withdrawal, ordered by Biden in April after nearly two decades fighting Al-Qaeda, is around half completed.

published on : 22nd June 2021

US downsizing military assets will have no effect: Saudi Arabia

US is cutting the number of troops and air defence units deployed to the Middle East, including Patriot batteries and an anti-missile system, called THAAD, from Saudi Arabia.

published on : 21st June 2021

Optimism, fear rides in former Taliban bastion as US begins Afghanistan pullout

US President Joe Biden had announced in April that the remaining 2,500 American troops will formally begin leaving Afghanistan from May.

published on : 2nd May 2021

Trump's ban becomes history, transgender people will join US military under Joe Biden

The new rules also prohibit discrimination based on gender identity.

published on : 1st April 2021

US soldiers reach Rajasthan for joint Indo-US military exercise on Pakistan border

The contingent of 270 US soldiers reached Suratgarh in a special aircraft and left for Mahajan Field Firing Range where the joint 'war exercise' will start on February.

published on : 7th February 2021

US leaders urge military to get vaccine shots

The call featured detailed medical explanations from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who answered questions from the audience.

published on : 5th February 2021

Taliban says US 'bombarding civilians, houses' in violation of Afghan deal

The US military has in recent months carried out air strikes against the Taliban fighters in defence of Afghan forces in some provinces.

published on : 29th January 2021

US President Joe Biden reverses Donald Trump's ban on transgender people in military

The new order, which Biden signed in the Oval Office during a meeting with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, overturns a ban ordered by President Donald Trump in a tweet during his first year in office.

published on : 26th January 2021

Extraordinary warning to Donald Trump by 10 former Pentagon chiefs

Following the Nov. 3 election and subsequent recounts in some states, as well as unsuccessful court challenges, the outcome is clear, they wrote, while not specifying Trump in the article.

published on : 4th January 2021

US approves sale of USD 90 million worth of military equipment and services to India

According to the Pentagon, the proposed sale of this equipment and support will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

published on : 4th December 2020

Turkey state media says US 'setting up bases in Syria's Manbij'

Turkey's state-run news agency said the United States is setting up two military bases and has increased its presence in the Manbij region of northern Syria.

published on : 3rd April 2018

Texas Church shooting: Gunman's punishment spotlights military justice

Unlike their civilian counterparts, military judges and juries don't use sentencing guidelines. The result is often widely disparate sentences for the same or similar offenses.

published on : 11th November 2017

US military is ridding the world of terrorism: Donald Trump

President Donald Trump asserted that America's goals were denuclearising North Korea and stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

published on : 6th October 2017
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