World War II

Indian Army, Chinese PLA join ranks as 'Red Army' takes out COVID-delayed victory parade in Moscow

Indian soldiers were part of the annual massive Red Square military parade in Moscow to commemorate the victory of Soviet Russia over Nazi Germany, which got delayed this year by more than a month because of the coronavirus outbreak.

published on : 28th June 2020

'Avengers didn't beat Nazi Germany, Red Army did!': Russia honours WWII heroes on 74th Victory Day

Although the fighting ended 74 years ago, widespread commemorations keep the ordeal prominent in Russia's collective memory. 

published on : 11th May 2019

Inspiring feminism: On her 139th birth anniversary, here's all you need to know about Virginia Woolf

Today marks the 139th birth anniversary of English author Virginia Woolf, a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device.

published on : 25th January 2018

New York premiere of Christopher Nolan's World War II drama Dunkirk

Dunkirk will be releasing in India on July 21. The film, which has been shot in France, Holland, Britain and Los Angeles, is being brought to India by Warner Bros. Pictures. The New York City premiere of Dunkirk happened on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at the AMC Leows Lincoln Square Theatre.

published on : 19th July 2017