Zero Covid policy

Incubating new-age entrepreneurs

Last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G test beds developed by eight institutions with the Central government’s funding of Rs 224 crore.

published on : 19th June 2022

Shanghai to lock down and test 2.7 million as Covid fears linger

The city eased many restrictions last week, after confining most of its 25 million residents to their homes since March as China battled its worst Covid outbreak in two years.

published on : 9th June 2022

Thousands of Covid-negative Beijing residents sent to quarantine

China's strategy to achieve zero Covid cases includes strict border closures, lengthy quarantines, mass testing and rapid, targeted lockdowns.

published on : 21st May 2022

China fights economic slump, sticks to costly 'zero Covid'

The ruling Communist Party has declared its “zero-COVID” goal of preventing all infections takes priority over the economy.

published on : 12th May 2022

Beijing on alert after COVID-19 cases discovered in school

Mainland China reported 24,326 new community-transmitted infections on Saturday, with the vast majority of them asymptomatic cases in Shanghai, where enforcement of a strict "zero-COVID" strategy.

published on : 23rd April 2022

China's 'Zero Covid Policy' takes a toll on human suffering

President Xi Jinping has repeatedly highlighted the success of the Chinese policies in his speeches and added that there would be no immediate change of approach in pandemic control measures.

published on : 19th April 2022

Deja vu in Hong Kong as virus restrictions spark panic buying

The Omicron-fuelled spike in Covid cases has alarmed authorities and leader Carrie Lam announced renewed curbs on the 7.5 million residents of the financial hub.

published on : 9th February 2022

Beijing clamps new curbs amid rise in COVID-19 cases in China

Health officials are visiting residential compounds to physically verify the travel records of the people living there.

published on : 1st November 2021