Renovated Srivari Mettu pathway opens for pilgrims

The TTD Board chief cited ‘puranas’ and said Sri Venkateswara Swamy himself used the ancient route to reach Tirumala.

published on : 6th May 2022

Taking welfare plans to footpath dwellers

The ‘Nodhaara no Aadhaar’ scheme aims to facilitate complete rehabilitation of the poorest in Rajpipla town, reports Dilip Singh Kshatriya

published on : 3rd April 2022

Hyderabad civic body improving footpaths for pedestrians

Keeping in view pedestrian safety, special focus is being given to the widening and construction of new footpaths.

published on : 23rd March 2022

Thousands brave wintry nights on Delhi's footpaths as shelter homes lack facilities 

Scores of homeless people are forced to spend wintry nights on footpaths beneath the flyovers, bus shelters or subways in the city.

published on : 16th January 2022

Model footpath: What works, what doesn’t?

Its pavements are considered city’s best but residents of Harrington Road say upkeep crucial, needs corpn support

published on : 28th October 2021

Ideal footpath plan ready, will it ever become reality for Chennai?

Experts say repair of pavements imperative to make them accessible

published on : 24th October 2021

Flower market in Coimbatore city in dire need of parking lot

A visual of the vicinity is always this — buzzing with crowds, vehicles parked haphazardly on roadsides, flower shops encroaching footpaths, pedestrians using the road to commute.

published on : 23rd October 2021

No room to walk: Roads in Madurai tell a harrowing tale 

Speaking to TNIE, a school teacher from BB Kulam, one R Selvam (28) said the city requires an overall infrastructural change.

published on : 20th October 2021

Dedicated footpath? Yes. Useful? Not really

Latest traffic diversions, more share autos choke interior roads around Pondy Bazaar 

published on : 20th October 2021

Chennai: Pavement dwellers in Egmore defy eviction

On Saturday, the police forcefully moved the luggage of pavement dwellers to a government shelter, but the residents refused to vacate, although some visited the shelter and returned.

published on : 18th October 2021

Renovated Alipiri footpath to be ready by Oct 7, says TTD EO

The renovated Alipiri footpath is likely to be ready for use by devotees by the annual Brahmotsavams of Sri Venkateswara temple, which are scheduled to commence on October 7.

published on : 30th September 2021

Bengaluru: Corporator to break concrete too

Mayor Sampath Raj says that the BBMP will not release bills to contractors who concrete footpaths entirely in future.

published on : 24th March 2018

Bengaluru citizens to break footpath to let trees breathe

On Sunday, citizens will take law into their own hands by breaking concrete footpaths that suffocate trees in Jeevanbheemanagar.

published on : 24th March 2018

Man rapes woman in broad daylight in Visakhapatnam; police arrest perpetrator based on onlooker's video

An auto-rickshaw driver recorded a video of the crime and sent it to the WhatsApp account of the Vizag Police.

published on : 23rd October 2017