Revisiting Rhythm: The Vasanth interview

Director Vasanth remembers one of his beloved films, Rhythm, that hits the 20-year mark today, while  discussing his 30-year-old career as a filmmaker

published on : 15th September 2020

AIG Hospitals in Gachibowli gets tech for arrhythmias

The high density mapping, with a 3D navigation feature, helps doctors to localise the site of abnormal heartbeat and reduce the procedure time.

published on : 21st August 2020

We know what to eat for a good heart, but what about when to eat?

Lots have been spoken about what to eat for a healthy heart, but too little on when to eat. The circadian rhythm guides you through it.

published on : 21st June 2020

Don't rely on smart watches to spot heart rhythm disorders

Wearables may be very valuable in the future but at the moment they do not have a defined place in risk assessment, the authors wrote.

published on : 17th June 2020

Biorhythmic Energy and Aspects of Life

When we get depressed, our consciousness is also depressed. When our mood is high, our consciousness is also high.

published on : 1st July 2018