Global Express | The Iran, Israel, US tango & its impact on India

The missile attack by Israel on a Iranian Islamic revolutionary Guards building in the Syrian capital Damascus has set off fears of a wider conflict in the region. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has threatened retaliation against Israel. Tehran has hinted that if Jerusalem withdraws from Gaza it might hold its fire. The Biden administration has managed to get Israel to withdraw from Khan Yunus. But can Iran be trusted? Insiders are pointing to the Moscow attack by ISIs k and saying its resurgence in Europe raises a number of questions. Is this a gross misread of Iran by the US? Is it going too easy on an Iran that is less than six months away from making a crude nuclear device? India’s concerns over a spillover of ISis k from Afghanistan - which the US has left unpoliced - into J&K after Pakistan and Afghanistan have turned into ‘frenemies’ as Pakistan courts a U.S. re-entry must be factored in. Talking to us today is Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed and podcaster Aadi Achint.

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