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Opening up the treasure trove of GST data

The GST database is one of the most crucial high-frequency, real-time barometers of the economy that is available from the government.

published : 24 Nov 2022

What does Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter point towards? 

The bigger picture might not be just about Twitter, but about creating an everything app.  

published : 23 Nov 2022

11 Angry Men: The Iranians at FIFA World Cup and the great tradition of sporting protests

It's difficult to predict what fate awaits the Iranian footballers when they return home. Their actions, and the words of Hajsafi, however, carry a far bigger and a wider message...

published : 22 Nov 2022

Ajay Maken ko gussa kyon aata hai and the many headaches of Sachin Pilot

It is now known that Maken sent in his resignation to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge as AICC general secretary on November 8 itself but this was kept under wraps...

published : 21 Nov 2022

Can Akhilesh subdue family feud, preserve father’s political heritage in UP?

Against Akhilesh’s bid to consolidate the family solidarity, the BJP hopes to exploit the simmering feud in the Mulayam family.

published : 20 Nov 2022

The secret sauce for scripting cinematic success: Copy and FOK BOS

One who openly advises this is Anjum Rajabali – without a doubt, India's best screenwriting guru and mentor to hundreds of screenwriters in India including the writer of this piece.

published : 19 Nov 2022

Who will pay if the old pension scheme makes a comeback?

If the Indian state was as rich as welfare-focused Scandinavian countries, such largesse could be explained away. But it is not.

published : 18 Nov 2022

Cane and Unable: Lessons from the red rot disease afflicting UP's farms

Co 0238 is high yielding. With a diameter of about 2.5 to 2.75 cm, it is 'medium thick', and 0.25 cm thicker than 'medium thin' varieties.

published : 17 Nov 2022

The political significance of PM's five-hour dash to Bengaluru

PM Modi garlanded three statues during his recent visit to Bengaluru. Ahead of polls in Karnataka in May 2023, these held particular significance...

published : 16 Nov 2022

God save the pilgrim! The many perils of religious tourism in India

Morbi, Amarnath and Vaishno Devi: pilgrim's progress short on promise as state, infra let them down.

published : 15 Nov 2022

The Right and rising incidence of incivility on social media

The simplest and easiest way to understand online incivility would be to refer to the use of abrasive phraseology and abusive language, which forefront any discussion that tips over into incivility.

published : 14 Nov 2022

Team India's redemption lies in a paradigm structural shift 

What is beyond debate is that a large-scale overhaul is much needed; the cupboard isn’t bare, it’s just that the shopping list has been too myopic and non-inclusive.

published : 13 Nov 2022

Results of the US midterm elections and what it means for India

To be sure, America's relations with India did not feature as a talking point even among Indian American candidates, who focused on community issues, inflation and job creation...

published : 12 Nov 2022

Economic crisis in the offing? Bet on our villages seeing India through the worst of it

Much of India’s economic stability, despite the rupee depreciating to below 82 against a resurgent dollar, has been attributed to healthy rural economic growth.

published : 11 Nov 2022

Minimum support price system is broken, the government should now fix it

There were 21 million farmers who benefitted from MSP in 2020-21. Whereas, as per the last Census, the total number of agricultural workers in the country was 263.1 million in 2011 itself!

published : 10 Nov 2022