Make sentences from bomb, vest, explode: ISIS school book

The daily posted pictures of pages from school textbooks which it obtained from Mosul, Iraq.
Representational Image only | AP
Representational Image only | AP

LONDON: In sickening propaganda, ISIS school books have been found which reportedly instruct children to make sentences from words like bomb and explode while also featuring a vocabulary list of nations such as Pakistan and the UK that are a source of fighters for the terror group. ISIS school textbooks have given an insight into jihadists' efforts to brainwash young children dubbed "Cubs of the Caliphate", The Mirror reported.

The daily posted pictures of pages from school textbooks which it obtained from Mosul, Iraq. One exercise in the "English for the Islamic State" textbook for 11 year-old children instructs pupils to tell the time, but the clocks are pictured attached to sticks of dynamite with wires protruding from them. An Arabic grammar book for children aged 7-8 instructs students to construct sentences out of groups of words such as bomb, vest, martyr and explode.

The books were discovered in the eastern Mosul neighbourhood of Hay Al-Intasar during an ongoing military offensive to free hundreds of thousands of residents from ISIS' grip in its last stronghold in Iraq , the report said. In the textbook for grade five pupils, an exercise asks students to fill in missing words in sentences such as "I can shoot, __I?" and "He can bomb, __ he?". Another exercise instructs pupils to choose the correct word to complete the following sentence: "Usaamah is a fighter. He is shooting in the __". The options listed are -- 'Battle, Park, Suq (market)'. Another page features a vocabulary list of countries. But the countries listed are all those from which significant numbers of foreign fighters have left in order to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq , such as Britain, France, Pakistan, Yemen and Nigeria, the report said.

The English textbook was designed for children around the age of 11, but others, including the Arabic grammar book for children aged 7-8, show the violent propaganda being fed to children even younger. The books were used on a daily basis, as children in Mosul were forced to study for hours on end, the report said.

The pictures even show evidence that some of the exercises have been completed in pencil. Earlier this year, ISIS had reportedly launched its first mobile app for children to teach them the Arabic alphabet and the vocabulary taught by it included jihadist themes along with words like 'tank', 'gun' and 'rocket'. More than a million people have been living in Mosul under the brutal terror of ISIS since the terror group captured the city in the summer of 2014.

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