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Infant born with heart outside body in Pakistan

The disorder occurs in five to eight cases in a million live births.

published : 15 Mar 2017

Chinese Premier says no intention of devaluing yuan

Premier Li Keqiang said Beijing has no intention of devaluing the yuan to boost exports

published : 15 Mar 2017

China a substantial currency manipulator: US Trade Representative nominee

Lighthizer said in his confirmation hearing that the US had lost a lot of jobs in the past because of "substantial currency manipulations."

published : 15 Mar 2017

Sweaters for chickens: Boston retirees find way to keep chickens warm

A plucky group of retirees in suburban Boston has hatched a plan to keep poultry warm during the New England winter.

published : 13 Mar 2017

H-1B visas could be a source of tension in Indo-US ties: Biswal

The former US Assistant Secretary of State is calling for a rational discourse on the topic that could affect the lives of thousands of Indians.     

published : 12 Mar 2017

Air strike kills 26 in Yemen: medics, military sources

The rebel television channel Al-Masirah also reported the air strike, but give a slightly higher toll of 27 killed and said dozens more were wounded.

published : 11 Mar 2017

Syrian challenges new travel ban in federal court

The man initially challenged Trump's first travel ban in a federal lawsuit he filed in February.

published : 11 Mar 2017

Guatemala begins burying 36 girls killed in shelter fire

Another 10 patients are in critical condition, with burns to all of their body and severe damage to their lungs and throat.

published : 11 Mar 2017

Woman resigned to being plump learns she had 140-pound tumor

Dr Richard Boulay, who performed the operation, said the mass was so big it didn't even fit in the picture taken by a CT scan.

published : 11 Mar 2017

Theresa May could trigger Article 50 on Tuesday: Report

The swift passage of the legislation would clear the way for May to trigger Brexit negotiations in the Commons on Tuesday.

published : 11 Mar 2017

Pope Francis to visit Colombia in September

The visit by Francis comes after the Colombian government and leftist Farc rebels signed an historic peace deal in November.

published : 11 Mar 2017

Democratic attorneys general step up legal fight against Trump travel ban 

Democratic attorneys general are trying to thwart the executive branch in the same way their GOP counterparts did under President Obama.

published : 10 Mar 2017

US House Republican health bill would cut women's services 

Women seeking abortions and basic health services would face restrictions and struggle to pay for medical care under the House Republicans' proposed bill.

published : 10 Mar 2017

Islamist movement Hamas condemns Israel bill to quieten mosques

Palestine Islamist movement Hamas denounced planned Israeli legislation that would quieten mosques, warning such a law would face resistance.

published : 10 Mar 2017

Japan to end five-year peacekeeping mission in South Sudan 

Japanese defense officials have recently come under fire over their reluctance to explain the deteriorating security situation in the area where Japan's troops operate.

published : 10 Mar 2017