AI can boost job performance

The US is a top AI developer, but it also ranks last in AI adoption and trust.
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For representational purposes only

BENGALURU: Instead of automating away jobs, artificial intelligence (AI) is showing how it is boosting job performance for knowledge workers in major functions of business. A new report by Freshworks titled Global AI Workplace Report reveals how AI is providing new capabilities for knowledge workers; over half (55%) of surveyed employees said they are currently using software applications enhanced with AI at work. The report says AI is no longer an experimental pilot tool, but rather an active driver of substantial efficiency and productivity gains across operations and industries.

While IT workers lead all departments in AI usage, with 85% using it weekly, marketing teams are catching up quickly as 80% are using AI at least once per week. Legal departments are ranked last in AI adoption among surveyed departments. Even so, nearly half (45%) of legal employees report that they are using the new tools on a weekly basis.

ChatGPT and other generative-AI-based search and image creation tools are the most common AI tools used on the job. About 33% workers say they use ChatGPT at work, and marketing professionals lead with 41%, followed by IT employees at 39%.

Interestingly, AI is already cutting employees' workloads by three hours and 47 minutes in a typical workweek by summarising reports, suggesting next steps, handling repetitive tasks, and other efficiencies. By freeing up nearly 24 business days—or just over one month of work per year—employees can take on higher-value work that delivers greater engagement, the report highlighted.

Also, organisations are developing AI performance metrics as about 95% senior leaders say their departments are measuring the business impact AI brings to their organisation.

The US is a top AI developer, but it also ranks last in AI adoption and trust. “Knowledge workers are also seeing strong productivity gains at work, which in turn is sparking strong employee interest in mastering AI skills. Make no mistake, the AI era is firmly delivering on its promise to free up employees for higher-level work and showcasing compelling returns on AI," said Prakash Ramamurthy, chief product officer at Freshworks.

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