Ziro music and Literary Festival is all set to return to Arunachal Pradesh

Come September, all eyes are on this eco-friendly event which is a unique blend of music, literature and sustainability — highlighting culture and environmental consciousness
Ziro music and Literary Festival is all set to return to Arunachal Pradesh

Since its inception in 2012, the Ziro Festival has been renowned for its celebration of passion, sustainability, community and cultural diversity. This festival highlights indigenous tribes and artists from Northeast India while also featuring Indian and global independent music scenes. Scheduled between September 26 to 29, this upcoming festival held in the scenic Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh is dedicated to sustainability as it only incorporates locally sourced materials such as bamboo and involves local community members in hosting attendees.

A key aspect of the Ziro Festival is its being made almost entirely from locally sourced eco-friendly materials like wood, which is reused annually. Local Apatani artisans spend over 40 days crafting all infrastructure, including the two stages, before the event. Sustainability practices are at the heart of the festival, featuring a zero-plastic policy and waste reduction measures such as composting. The festival is hosted on community land, which is meticulously restored to its pristine condition after the event.

The use of biodegradable Tamul plates and leaves instead of plastic cutlery is one of the festival’s standout initiatives. Signages are crafted from reclaimed wood and painted with eco-friendly paint, further minimising the festival’s environmental footprint. Free water stations are available, encouraging attendees to bring their own bottles and drinks are served in bamboo mugs, a sustainable alternative to single-use cups.

Additionally, the Ziro Literary Festival (ZLF) will take place from 24 to 25 September, before the music event. Founded in 2018, ZLF has been a vibrant convergence of literature, arts and community spirit. It provides a dynamic platform for authors, speakers and artists to showcase their work and interact with audiences.

With an emphasis on creative and critical thinking, collaboration, empowerment and sustainability, ZLF celebrates cultural enrichment. Its workshops and residencies promote new voices and artistic expression. Produced in partnership with Saint Claret College and the local community, ZLF exemplifies the values of collaboration and inclusivity. The line-up of guests and performers for both events is yet to be revealed, however, the tickets have gone live.

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