Chetana Belagere

Mysuru techies join hands for easy travel

This group will soon prepare a project plan which will be sent to Union Minister of State Suresh Angadi and Mysuru MP Pratap Simha.

5 hours ago

For some inmates, Bengaluru central jail is a luxury stay

With a few having easy access to cigarettes, ganja, whiskey, beer and even mobile phones inside, there is a mafia of sorts operating within the jail.

11 Oct 2019

‘Aam aadmi’ postman will now deliver orchids, pomegranate at your doorstep

After the success of mango delivery, the postman will now deliver figs, pomegranate and guava at your doorstep.

06 Oct 2019

The evolved rowdy of Karnataka 

The rowdy is not what he used to be in the 1990s. He has evolved with time and technology with even economic and fear factors at play

30 Sep 2019

FB trial to hide ‘likes’ has research potential: Experts

NIMHANS doctors say social media leads to comparison, users seek validation online; they say trial has repercussions too 

28 Sep 2019

Hard disk in IMA fraud case tampered with, reveals forensic report

The CBI investigation can easily prove when the disk was tampered with, based on the time stamp, a retired police officer said.

24 Sep 2019

Powerlifter puts behind accident trauma, goes for gold in Canadian championship

Son of a farmer couple from Devalakunda in Kundapur, he said it’s been a long struggle to achieve what he has.

20 Sep 2019

Class 12 student youngest in Karnataka to get pilot licence, wants to fly Modi

Vrinda Shihora took up the training for three months and is the youngest from Karnataka to have received a licence.

17 Sep 2019

70 per cent of tech addicts are PUBG freaks: NIMHANS

For kids especially, playing this game can cause certain cognitive and perceptive changes in the way they observe the real world, says Dr Mahesh, founder of Spandana Hospital Rehabilitation Center.

16 Sep 2019

Probe in Goldman Sachs fraud case deepens

Other employees too will be questioned; police have 14-day custody of accused VP and aide.

12 Sep 2019

CBI top brass in Bengaluru to monitor phone-tap probe

Call data for over a year collected; Electronic items seized from support centre

07 Sep 2019

National Health Mission will improve NICUs in state

Based on the instructions from Ministry of Health, a draft has been sent to the government for performance-based incentive.

05 Sep 2019

A single bite: dengue fever hits Karnataka post-monsoon

Vector-borne diseases are back with a bang this monsoon season and have put lakhs of people across cities and towns at risk.

02 Sep 2019

I spy with my little eye: Of Bengaluru's private detectives

Bengaluru has its very own Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys, with millennials showing a keen interest in turning private detectives.

28 Aug 2019

IMA jewel scam: Former Karnataka CM, Bengaluru police chief under CBI scanner

Along with them, the names of 13 other bureaucrats and politicians have also cropped up.

25 Aug 2019