Sumi Sukanya dutta

US ‘pressure’ on medical device prices sparks fury ahead of Modi's visit

Representatives of industry bodies, cardiologists and device makers, apart from senior government officials, were other participants.

18 Sep 2019

UGC set to approve inter-university, inter-disciplinary credit system

The concept, though practised by institutes of higher education in top foreign universities, is unheard of in India so far.

15 Sep 2019

UGC panel recommends end of rote learning in colleges

An expert panel constituted last year recommended testing concept understanding of students rather than their memory.

14 Sep 2019

End of rote learning in universities too, says UGC

An expert panel constituted last year recommended testing concept understanding of students rather than their memory. 

14 Sep 2019

Government steps in to deal with penicillin shortage

Experts say strep throat often goes undiagnosed and can turn into a long, slow death for many.

13 Sep 2019

UK to issue two-year post-study work visa

The visa will allow eligible students to work, or look for work, in any career or position of their choice, for two years after completing their studies.

12 Sep 2019

Child rights panel worried at adopted children being surrendered

The Commission has asked the country’s apex body on adoption, the Central Adoption Resource Authority, for data on children who are returned after adoption.

11 Sep 2019

Government-appointed coordinators to regularly monitor school mid-day meals

Currently, there is no provision for taking feedback from a neutral party on the scheme, through which meals are provided to nearly 10 crore school children.

10 Sep 2019

74-year-old giving birth triggers cries for speeding up IVF regulation bill

Experts shocked at the total lack of concern for the future of the 74-year-mom’s twins.

07 Sep 2019

Fraud cases abound in NDA's health scheme

Sample this: Seven women got added to a family quota to get their Ayushman Bharat cards and the next week they were having delivered babies in a private hospital. 

01 Sep 2019

Draft bill proposes upto 10-year jail for assaulting doctors

According to the draft Bill, those 'grievously hurting' doctors and other healthcare professionals at clinical establishments may face imprisonment of 3-10 years.

01 Sep 2019

J&K curbs: Number of patients availing treatment under PMJAY decline since August 5

Normally, pre-authorisation is done by insurance companies or trusts within six hours of a hospital raising a demand for a specific procedure on a patient by uploading relevant documents. 

30 Aug 2019

NCPCR to audit decision for need to put children in shelter homes

There are nearly 3.8 lakh children living in over 9,500 childcare institutions-run by state governments and NGOs in the country.

29 Aug 2019

Have a PG diploma in medicine? You can soon teach in MBBS colleges

In a notification issued a few days ago, the Medical Council of India’s Board of Governors has amended the teacher eligibility qualification.

27 Aug 2019

Mortality among Dalit children higher than rest

The enormous gap has been revealed by a detailed analysis of mortality rate among under-five children using data from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) between 1992 and 2016.

25 Aug 2019