Eating wasps

A ghost weaves the tales of ten women in Anita Nair’s latest novel 'Eating Wasps'

Anita Nair, in her latest novel Eating Wasps, strings together enough tales to compensate for the apparent dearth of feminine narratives.

published on : 15th December 2018

Flower power of 'Eating wasps'

There’s a saying that every experience shapes you into the person you are.

published on : 11th December 2018

Anita Nair’s latest novel 'Eating Wasps' weaves the tales of ten women

'Eating Wasps' pulls you into the life of ten principal women characters of various ages and social backgrounds who fight their life situations with resilience, as men take a back seat.

published on : 9th December 2018

The human condition inspires me as a writer: Anita Nair

Nair's latest book Eating Wasps explores the everyday decisions taken by women and the consequences that take place thereof.

published on : 2nd October 2018