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Third straight rout end worst weak for Dow, Nasdaq since 2008 crisis

The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished the week with a loss of nearly seven per cent, after losing 1.8 per cent or more than 400 points Friday, to close at 22,445.37.

published on : 22nd December 2018

Eight killed in Sudan bread price protests

After the government raised bread prices this week from one Sudanese pound to three, protests followed where the headquarters of ruling party was torched.

published on : 21st December 2018

Less meat, more pasta: The economic crisis changing Argentina's diet

Beef is making a rarer appearance at the dinner tables of middle-class families as the country spirals deeper into economic turmoil.

published on : 30th October 2018

CPEC not responsible for Pakistan's economic crisis, says China

Mr An Qiguang who had served as a diplomat in Pakistan, announced that Chinese companies executing various CPEC projects would hire more Pakistani labour and mid-level managers.

published on : 23rd October 2018

Argentina makes 'progress' in IMF talks to speed up loan to tide over economic crisis 

Argentina's 25 percent-plus inflation has left many struggling, and hundreds took to the streets in noisy protests around Buenos Aires late Monday.

published on : 5th September 2018

Venezuela devalues bolivar by 96 percent under new rate: Central bank

Expressed in the previous "strong bolivar" currency in effect until Monday, it amounts to a hike from 248,210 to 6,000,000 to the dollar.

published on : 22nd August 2018