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Morocco to host UN conference on Jerusalem

The conference will be organised by the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly.

published on : 25th June 2018

Trump adviser Jared Kushner questions Palestine president Mahmud Abbas' desire for peace with Israel

Kushner's remarks, made in an interview with Palestinian newspaper Al Quds, came as he and special envoy Jason Greenblatt were in the region to advance efforts to renew the stalled peace process.

published on : 24th June 2018

UK minister urges Israel not to demolish West Bank's Bedouin village

Residents said they expected the demolition of the village, which is home to 180 people and includes a school, to happen in the coming weeks.

published on : 30th May 2018

Israel vs Argentina friendly: Sellout for Lionel Messi appearance in Jerusalem

The game will take place on June 9 at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem which has a capacity of 31,733 seats.

published on : 29th May 2018

Palestinians recall envoys to four EU nations after US embassy move

The statement from the PA's foreign ministry said the EU nations' ambassadors had attended the reception the day before the US opened its Israel embassy in Jerusalem on Monday. 

published on : 16th May 2018

Pope Francis 'very worried' over Mideast 'spiral of violence'

Pope Francis said Wednesday he was "very worried" over the "spiral of violence" in the Middle East after the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem.

published on : 16th May 2018

Gaza toll rises to 60 as fresh protests against Israel gather

It came a day after the United States transferred its Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to the disputed city of Jerusalem in a move that infuriated the Palestinians and was widely condemned.

published on : 15th May 2018

Ireland summons Israeli ambassador over Gaza bloodshed: Ministry

It said there were 211 recorded attacks against health workers in Gaza and 25 ambulances had been damaged.

published on : 15th May 2018

UN says 'seems anyone is liable to be shot dead' in Gaza

The UN rights office said Tuesday it seemed any Palestinian protesting in Gaza, regardless of whether or not they posed an imminent threat, was "liable" to be killed by Israeli forces.

published on : 15th May 2018

Gaza deaths 'provoke deepest concern': Kremlin

Jerusalem is one of the most thorny issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with both sides claiming it as their capital. 

published on : 15th May 2018

Palestinians bury dead after bloodiest Gaza day since 2014

The U.N. Security Council planned to meet Tuesday to discuss the violence, though it was not clear what might come out of the session.

published on : 15th May 2018

Gaza deaths spark widespread condemnation of Israel

The US came to the defence of its ally Monday, blaming Hamas for the violence and blocking a resolution at the UN calling for an international investigation.

published on : 15th May 2018

US blocks call for independent inquiry at UN into Israel-Gaza border violence: Diplomats

In the bloodiest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since a 2014 Gaza war, at least 55 Palestinians were killed in the clashes and more than 2,400 Palestinians wounded.

published on : 15th May 2018

Saudi Arabia slams Israeli fire in Gaza, silent on Jerusalem

The transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv to the divided holy city, enacted by US President Donald Trump, was condemned by the Arab summit held in Saudi Arabia on April 17.

published on : 14th May 2018

Eight children under 16 among Gaza dead: Palestinian envoy to UN

The diplomat gave a toll of 45 Palestinian dead and more than 2,000 injured. The Gazan health ministry reported shortly afterwards that the number killed had risen to 52.

published on : 14th May 2018
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